Posted by: rethots | November 3, 2008

….of Choice.

How far any news? No oh. …call the woman now. I called her yesterday you too call her. Abeg oh, me I’m scared.


Hello, good evening ma. Good evening, how are you? What was your exam number? Hmm E** Well, you passed. Whoa! ….are you serious. Haha, are you not the one that wrote the exams? I was oh but, I was scared. All of you that wrote the exams in Lagos are disappointing me oh; before the exams you were calling and after none of you want to know your results. Congratulations sha. Thank you ma.


I passed sir. Ha, prof prof……nobody writes the exams in this office and fails. See this man, if only he knew that the thot not only crossed my mind but, I had already strategied on how to go smash any course I failed next March.


Congrats man, that is a nice one; come to think of it, tomorrow is your birthday. I could not have desired a better birthday gift. So, what next? …se you will go and re-negotiate? Haba, they just did review now. So what? You know the stakes are higher now. What you don’t understand it that rather than negotiate salary (which is ‘always’ subject to somebody) I would rather negotiate commissions. Hmm, you know what just crossed my mind. What? I am going to do an MBA. What’s that? What’s MBA got to do with Architecture? …don’t worry, will go do it at LBS. Ok, oya tell me the genesis behind this new thot. Now you are talking. Do you really think I wanted to do an MBA because I wanted to be a businessman? An MBA in LBS is called networking. You this guy, anyway, congratulations ‘chartered architect’. So, tell me, how do you feel? Humbled. What? Why? Listen….


You see in life when you have the freedom of choice, then, you can leave yourself to inspiration. Pray tell, what means thee? You see in life we should try not to put ourselves in situations where we would be disqualified from an opportunity simply because we did not have some professional qualification (that would have cost us nothing to have done) even though we are more than experienced for the position. Hmmm……




  1. Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

  2. YAYYYY!!!…I’m on a roll!!! I am sooooo FIRST!…okay…i’ve marked my spot…lemme go read the post…no…I think I’ll be second and third too…just because I CAN!!!

  3. second…

  4. and third…Yes first three…

  5. Aww congrats…guess you had a great time…MBA all the way…that’s the way to think…once had a colleague who was really good at a bank i once worked…but he was static…he just couldn’t move past a particular level just because he wasn’t a graduate…
    I say cease the moment…if you are opportune to study…DO IT NOW!!!

  6. Last paragraph….true talk! deep!

  7. congrats!!!!!!!!

  8. CONGRATULATIONSSSSSS RETHOTS!!! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I’m so happy for u…

  9. Must be such a great feelin…congrats once again!

  10. I guess congratulations are still in order, i am still waiting to be certified……. hard paper i tell you.

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