Posted by: rethots | July 8, 2011

Not Knowing….

‘Tis good to know what one wants. However, and much more important is knowing what one wants not.

If one knows not what one wants not, it could & would always be packaged and sugar-coated to one as what one wants.


  1. Ro…

    i like this…

  2. Deep!

  3. Yay! Just like MCQ exams, sometimes you arrive at the answer by elimination of the wrong answers 🙂

    p.s. have you filled my form Sir?

  4. long long time; hope u r doing fine

  5. Definitely knowing what one does not want is often the key to decision making…Some take practically half a lifetime to know and master depending on the predisposition of the individual.

  6. well-said,…… i have been a victim of not knowing what i want and accepting things i thought was what i wanted

  7. I think more often than not people figure out what they do NOT want [experience or otherwise] a lot sooner/quicker than they actually figure out what they DO want…just me? lol. okay!

    …but yes, knowing what you don’t want makes knowing what you want a lil easier.

  8. Hmm.. deep one bruv.. Definition either way is key.. I see I have been missing deep musings….

  9. So true…

  10. I don’t want that.

  11. true that, sometimes you may not know what you want…but then you know what you don’t want!!
    That no one will be able to pull a fast one on you… no 419 ish!:)

  12. *covering face in shame* i had to read it twice-and slowly the second time- to get it.

    Deep, i love how you play with words

  13. i am of the school of thot that knowing what you want is the first step to getting….. it so maybeee knowing what you dn’t want is also the first step to avoiding it…:)

  14. True yarns

  15. What we want is an update. What we don’t want is not an update. These thoughts are rethots-like in thought, yes?

  16. true. very true.

  17. True talk

  18. Where you been?

  19. i love this blog, its just so peaceful looking

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