Evolved from a conservative to a liberalist. A thinker who could be persistent (yet subtle) to get what he wants.

Geometry and resolution of spaces is his love and his dream is to design that building… Yeah, the one you always turn back to have a glimpse at anytime you pass by it.

Reading is his favourite pastime, discovered blogging along the line. Did you say sudoku? You could include chess, scrabble and thinking.

So, who are you???


  1. it’ s great

  2. I have seen your fottprints all over mine and it’s satisfying…..

    Like the way ur mind works, will come back soon.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. someone who likes to see new places and meet new people(on and offline)…pleasure to meet u rethots(hehehehe)

  4. a phenomenon ………….lol

  5. A tiger silently waiting to be unleashed? lol

  6. An enigma inside a maze perhaps?

  7. I’m very captivated. I’ll be back for more.

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  10. Rethots!

  11. hey…post up sumtin!

  12. i am me i guess… enigma to many a treasure to some….a comic to few…and a baby within

  13. Thank you. Your birthday message was so beautiful.

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