Posted by: rethots | March 21, 2011

‘Tis Free

Whatever you do, always have an opinion based on personal convictions….


  1. …there is nothing worse than sycopancy, ’tis very nauseating.

  2. I believe personal conviction is th ebest kind of justic the world has seen as yet …

  3. If it isn’t based on personal convictions, then it doesn’t exist.

  4. Yep! totally agree with that

  5. Without Personal conviction, you have nothing to tell… me Likey

  6. really?

  7. really really?

  8. True. If not, you will bend to every wind that blows…

  9. So who has annoyed you now? 😉

  10. Exactly.
    …on well-informed personal convictions.

  11. True! But until one has a conviction, then one keeps mum…

  12. i concur

  13. you are right but sadly, most people’s opinions nowadays are based on what everyone else thinks……

  14. and why are you the first to comment on your post? ehn? 😀

  15. Ore… been a while.
    Personal conviction it is. My boss called me out on it a couple weeks back. It sure was an eye opening, but feels much better.

  16. May be I should add, the call out was on me not standing strong behind my convictions. Now we argue for hours until he concedes (because I was right to start with). I feel stronger.

  17. Kinda like hitler huh?lol personal convictions aren’t the most reliable of yardsticks you know…

  18. Personal convictions are a must, otherwise it will be simply acting on hearsay!
    Make a great weekend

  19. Nuggets of wisdom…
    You never fail re-

  20. Absolutely! I agree… Long time… where art thou?

  21. Life is beautiful…..dont use someone else’s clock to tell your own time.

  22. and how do you get that “personal” convinction especially if this is the first time you are encountering that situation?

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