Posted by: rethots | June 25, 2010

….of ‘looks’.

Why are you smiling? You know when you look at someone like that, i know alot runs through your mind. I don’t get you. That look is so expressionless, ’tis too simple and intriguing a look not to have a deeper meaning.  Wow!!! never realised that, will take conscious note of it next time.

…am tired. Obviously, once you start behaving extremely formal and hardly suggesting opinions, the deal is done and your mind is elsewhere. Wait, you guys mean you psycho-analyse me? Not at all, ’tis just that ’twill be unnatural not to notice these things. Ehen?

So, do you want to tell us what you are up to?



  1. Wot am doing now? Trying to figure out wot u r talking abt, dude. U need 2 translate 2 simple English, man

  2. No, I want to read what you were up to. I want to read the descriptions of a person’s face that made you smile. What are the specifics? Was it a frown, or a smirk, or a cheek-lift? Tell me the deeper meaning.

  3. Rethots!

    I have given up decoding this beautiful blog of yours.

    The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.


    Nevertheless, what are you up to?

  4. Seems like greek to me, try to break it down for laymen like moi. Btw, thanks 4 stopping by mine.

  5. this post confused me as usual, but hey! WASSUP….I WANT PANCAKES

  6. People can note whatever they wish to. It may not be what one intends, though. it may not even be real.

    Perception is hardly ever 100% fact, is it?

  7. you have come again with these your posts that no one understands esp me…

    however, these things are there to be noticed by some of us that have the eye for detail, spoken or unspoken

  8. been a minute…

    i think u r like sumone i know…u can tell when they have concluded on an issue and have moved on…minds elsewhere….

    disengaged look….

    how u?

  9. Ok, I haven’t actually read your post but just read your comment on in my dreams “Saying it in Songs” just wanted to say, you get Titi SO much and as the writer for her character, I quite like reading your comments. Cut her some slack though, she’s all over the place emotionally.


  10. Ah! I’m happy to declare that I belong to the elite club of Those Who Understand Rethot’s Blogposts. Yes, be jealous. Teehee

  11. of course not
    if i did in fact tell you then the mystery is gone

    if the mystery does not exist the intrigue disappears and then the look is just an empty look void of depth and meaning

    enjoy your weekend

  12. wow. How do you do that? how many personalities are there? took me a minute but i finally got it.

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