Posted by: rethots | November 5, 2010

What Qualifies You?

Guess what he just asked me? What? Why i didn’t tell him something was happening at my place last Saturday, that he just heard from your babe. What did you say? I lied and said you guys gave me a surprise. Are you serious? Yep, later asked him how come he didn’t even remember ’twas my birthday? He said, he saved it in his organiser. ‎​

My principle is, if you have to specially remind anyone ’tis your birthday, then, such people need not be invited if you have a little get-together.



  1. i concur
    i hate it when friends or family forget the day you were born
    oh but i gues they will celebrate a person’s memorial…….

  2. I understand where you’re coming from. Regardless, because I am someone who finds it hard to remember birthdays (of close friends and confidants), I find it beneficial to have a reminder always…these people don’t remind me, I have automatic reminders sent to my email (lol). So suffice it to say that I have been in the shoes of this person, maybe a few times.

  3. This is interesting…you know. My thoughts are that people lead quite busy stressful lives these days, more than ever before. So I wouldn’t be too peeved if someone forgot my birthday, seriously. I would delight in reminding them to attend. But that’s just me sha.

  4. Na wa o. Revoke a man’s licence to think and he doesn’t invite you to his parry. Abeg think freely o, before I am not invited to your Sallah and Xmas celebrations.

  5. While i’m good with dates and always remember peoples birthdays/anniversaries sef…i realize not everyone is that way so i have let it stop bothering me…for the most part anyways. Altho i must admit that you are subconciously placed in a different category once you ‘commit that offense’ 🙂

  6. when is your birthday

  7. So true
    Your words..

  8. A lot of friends forget my birthday, worse is even my family. I have learnt not to bother myself with it, but I sure would not invite such people to my party.

  9. I am with you here. There are just few exceptions –
    Friends I have diagnosed with date amnesia.
    Family I’ve diagnosed with date amnesia (alas, my Mom)
    New friends who I’ve never shared a birthday with.

    But that Organiser, PDA thing get as e be. If you tend to trust them with impt dates, you might just find yourself at loose ends if they get stolen, get brain damaged or suffer some acute depression.

  10. I am very guilty of this, I dont remember people’s birthday and I honestly dont expect them to remember mine too. My birthday is not long after the new year and most people dont remember but I am fine with it.

    The one person i expect to remember my birthday is my husband, if he doesnt which i know wont happen. The will be drama drama all week!!! His mantra is “Happy wife, Happy life”. So he remember always

    No excuses for the man in your life.

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