Posted by: rethots | November 4, 2008


Haha, you are actually doing the tag? Well, I decided to fulfill my civic (oops, blogsville) responsibilities. Lie, abi you giving Whitefreak a run for her challenge. I can read your mind oh but, I will just do as if I didn’t hear you; at least ‘twas not audible.


Anyway, how went it? To tag 7 ‘blogs’ (what does this mean? Help my grammar) you love and……… A little rule though… You have come again oh, do the tag and let us rest. But, hear me out first now. Ok, shoot. When I got the results of my last exams (which I passed *blushes*) a colleague asked; “What did you score?” and I replied; “Who cares?” Whether I got one mark above the pass mark or a 100% percent, the seal is what matters.

I wonder where he is going with all these……. I have simply covered my backside in case I don’t follow the rules.


The ‘blogs’ I love left to me, I would have rephrased that but, guess one can’t change exam questions.


Revolution: a delightful word an action our dear country shall surely pass through. ‘tis not always about blood; because I believe the pen is always mightier than the sword. Anyway, when this word comes to mind (in the Nigerian context), Nigeriancuriosity, Standtall and for some unknown reasons Laspapi comes to mind. When the revolution passes though, Aloofar will be the minister of wisdom.


Timeless: a noble institution yet the ‘seemingly’ fear of our generation. We all want it though many feign disinterest and claim ‘tis too much stress and are delighted when another walks the aisle. Silently hoping we are next. Aloted, Whitefreak, Solomonsdyelle (okay, I confess I don’t go there as it were but, read her through NC), Oluwadee, Naijalines gives hope that though ‘tis not necessarily an easy ‘walk’ but, a delightful one. A school of learning, one never graduates. The timeless walk.


Relationships: the way Ms. Emotions, Erolyrics talks one would believe they speak from a world of physical experiences. However, I daresay not necessarily but, from thotful inspirations. My Mother’s Child seemingly writes flawlessly in the same vain.


Hope: consistently, as if she never has any worries Jaycee let’s the pen flow and you never finish reading without a sense of satisfaction, as well as strength to strive on conquering each day. Kafo does same in her own way though she calls it “an ode to things left unsaid and thots that gets squashed by conformity and reality.”


Unity: a multi-diverse/ cultural country, Nigeria is called. Ok, that is what we are. Biafria and now Niger-Delta (and many others) happened and still is simply because we have not learnt that what Fieryandsweet have successfully done is simply our “road to superstardom” as a nation.


Pride: ha, I could not have been any national other than a Nigerian. What language is sweeter that the Yoruba language? *winks* Allied continually beats me with the way she manipulates the language. I even have to check the dictionary beneath each post to understand some words and phrases. Omosewa claims she can best me in its speaking, well; I have challenged her to a duel.


Career: for whatever reason Shubby Doo, Blackman Comes strike me as careers personified.


Blood: ‘tis said, is thicker than water and so Archiwiz and Enigma are my comrades by profession. No Limit, Rayosword, Just….Toluwa, are my latest fascination. All these (blogging) started by a simple post from Fumosh. In all sincerity, I cannot exhaust the blogs I love. Guerreiranigeriana. But, sincerely how was I expected to name just 7 blogs, when I spend so long in blogsville?


Fine, you have seemingly done the love your blog tag by Aloted what about the honest tag by No Limit? Ha, you see, blogsville is the future city. A city ruled by freedom of words (though I believe this has its limits) and freedom of choice (no one is compelled to read and or comment on your blog), as such, ‘tis a forum where one can come unencumbered. Now, you tell me; ‘why should anyone lie?’ more especially, when you have the sole liberty of unveiling your anonymity?



  1. This post is worth bookmarking in the times where we need our footsteps to be ordered towards topics such as “Revolution,” “Timelessness,” “Relationships,” “Hope,” “Unity,” “Pride,” “Careers,” and “Blood.” I have to admit that I have been blessed countless times by the bloggers you have mentioned here, in both small and great ways.

    But in addition to that, your blog has a unique quality for which my mental frame cannot define adequately at this time. Blogsville is indeed the future city…a city with no walls which cannot be hidden and has to heard.

    Loved your compartmentalization…

  2. The way you write is soooo unique.
    The blogs you have listed have inspired and made me laught countless times.

    I am soooo guilty of not doing this tag.

  3. Every blogger should have the blogs you mentioned on this post on their blogroll for the sake of these – (revolution, hope, blood, time, relationships, pride, career, blood and unity)

    And of course rethots…has a way of making readers wow! words and way of writing being unique. In what category do we classify rethots?

    Dare i say REVOLUTION?

  4. na writefreak o not

    anyhoo…i loved this…the way u classified the blogs…goes to show ur uniqueness

  5. I am smiling… dont know why… but i am smiling.

    Why did u leave abruptly on my comment page? Why Rethots? Did i lose u too?

  6. hmmm and u didnt even mention lil me okay o…m now sulking!!!:(

  7. 😦 ;(

  8. This is the definition of creativity 🙂

    I like the way you categorized the blogs but more especially the words that went with them.

    Nice one.

  9. now i have to come back so i can figure out what i am going to read when i get up

    i am still waiting for your real post oooooooooooo

  10. Oh my word! U mentioned char’s n my blog! Aww! I totally love ur blog too! Ur style of writin isnt so different from that of shakespear’s(lol) but really, readin ur blog just leaves me wantin more!

  11. Thank you Rethots for given me the revolutionary prize. I will continue living up to Martin Luther King dream, and of course Ghandi

  12. And Rosa Park. Yes, she made history

  13. brilliant!

  14. Awww thanks for mentioning my blog as being timeless…btw, it’s writefreak o not whitefreak…lol

    You did a good job categorising the blogs

    Happy new year, got your email!

  15. Luvely post! Awww thanks for mentioning my post…the way u’ve compartmentalized the blogs goes to expose ur level of organisation! Good on you!
    Happy Nu Year

  16. so much 4 limiting u to 7. lol. ha, so i fell in d category ‘blood’ yes!
    thanks thots.
    u have a great year!

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