Posted by: rethots | June 27, 2011


Sometimes, taking the rational decision no matter how seemingly illogical is the only fair option?


  1. Is this a statement or a question?

  2. Rethots

  3. wat decision did you/ are you planning on take..??

  4. I guess so; if being fair is your priority.

    p.s. I never thought that ‘rational’ and ‘illogical’ could walk hand in hand. give an example pls

  5. …but no one is rational, and we all do the irrational things!

  6. That’s an oxymoron. I’m still wondering how rational can be illogical.

  7. It doesn’t always seem fair. I don’t know if it becomes fair in the future. But at the time of the decision, no, it’s not fair — not to me anyway.

  8. hmmmmmmmmmm
    i dunno

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