Posted by: rethots | October 29, 2008

…run but, not hide.

You, you think you can continually evade tags abi? What means thee? Oh, you think ‘tis not known that you have not been doing your tags? Standtall’s music tag, NoLimit’s honest blog tag and Aloted’s love your blog tag. Oops, whoa! What lie can I lie that will sell now oh. Don’t even bother, you can’t wiggle out of this; and if you dare try, you are going to be compelled to put up an unveil yourself post. Short of which, we won’t accept that your ‘a man is not veiled whom you can read his thots – through his writings idea.


An allegation, well……… So, how do you plead? Silent.

Ok, let’s do it this way. You see, blogsville is an environment (not necessarily perfect) where you have total freedom of choice –what blogs to read, who to cultivate continual communion with, when & where to drop comments et al, without apologies to anyone. Whoa! What a Utopian idea. But, that is so true. What easy way to appreciate……..

Let’s see.

Fair attempt, oya answer that question you were asked. What is that? Do you look like a geek?  




i’ll go check it out…still fighting my own battles here…i want that friend badly but dont just want a physical thing…  


…feeling very inspired this new year…i am sure i will face adversity and wahala, but i think i am much better prepared to face it without it being so devastating, you know…where are you?…i should sleep or at least do something that does not include use of the computer…haha…i’m out… 


U think u fit drive me commot…even if u no change ur font size, i will invest in a magnifying glass and will spend my day deciphering wat u have written on ur blog. It is strange though that u r a male…..u got me all deceived, now i know better. My wkd is gettin better, i just finished cooking, hopefully it will taste nice.
ur wkd going? have a nice one…thanks for takin the time out to reply my message.


About your long epistle, you’ll be surprise as to how many people take their time to read very long post even if they don’t leave comments… 


Thanks for the message. Really? so we will get along? well, I had beta read up on u well, well. Thanks for coming over to mine, u did more than stopping by, u indeed visited and I am touched, thanx a lot. We shld dribble some words/post together as I’m sure we’ll have some interesting debates, no? I love a healthy challenge! Ok, let me consult with the oracles and get back to you on varying views we might share…


I’m faring quite well.  I’m a bit curious abou the name Rethots.  How did that come about?


Yes Rethots – life seems to be coming at me 100mph:-)…but I’m luving it!
How ’bout u? How’s things going?
Have a great one!


No…I don’t blog…don’t think I’m ready to unleash my inner thoughts to an unsuspecting world… I do keep a private blog…more like a diary…as a form of release or just 2 jot down my thoughts from time to time. i find it a useful tool when I’m trying to rationalise my feelings about something…sometimes things just seem clearer when you’ve taken time to write them down in black and white!


Good to hear from you so quickly. Yes Standing tall no matter what the life brings your way, raise up your head and trust in God… you sure figured.
What hails thee? I am blank. I don’t think I get you. I don’t want to answer what I think you meant b4 u laugh at me (lol).
Do take care


That makes absolutely perfect sense. It’s just like when a person is wealthy, they have to choice to either make do or do without something…but a poor person has no choice but to do without. That’s so true…
I’m doing great in all areas, thank God. Have a very wonderful weekend urself. May you see yourself the way God truly sees you.  


i consciously tried to slow down on the coffee thing meself  cos co-workers said i was becoming addicted cos if i don’t do coffee first thing work seems impossible and i am grumpy.


You strike me as very extroverted to be honest. The kind of person that believes that their opinions should be heard because it is very different from the crowd’s….LOL, I don’t know where that came from, but that’s what i think.


What hails thee? I do not get/understand that question oh. How u dey?


Now’s my turn to enquire about your name, what does Rethots mean and how did you come to be named Rethots?


thanks jare, i have never had to tell u to update cos u do it often enough for me to read a new post every time i check ur blog but today was the first time i was checking twice and still saw an old post up there. thanks for the comment on my post – u were spot on. School is wrapping up. will be thru by end of the month and will have my dissertation to grapple with. Hope u are enjoying ur job…. Take good care


LOL, why arent you answering me on yahoo?? I have a question for you.


Im alright, thanks…. found your blogs very interesting.. Hopefully, by the time it’s our turn to take these positions, may our eyes be open to the importance of this new order and do away with the ‘evil’. Have a great day, nice bumping into another architect with a free spirit!


Wow…thank heaven… All’s well that ends well then. Regards


That was fast! ur response i mean…lol.
i don’t quite get what “what hails thee” means, but i’ll safely assume it means “how are u?”…lol


Hiya!!! I am very well thank you! glad to hear you did the right thing…i.e ensuring they don’t bother you on your holiday! Dubai here you come then!
Anyhues enjoy your week!


Thanks for the email.
What do you do (work wise)?


Glad u enjoyed urself and back at work! Dubai is definitely on my must visit places when i eventually do get the time. And the luggage ladies are just on another level…cheeky rather and not wanting to spend


Rebellious? Not! you just stand for what you want and what you are, not want people want you to be, and i always find that personality enviable in people.
I’m pretty sure you will turn out to be a no nonsense boss, hence the ‘Oga don enter office’ comment.


Never got an email from a fellow blogger…exciting! i don’t know why am excited, i just am! thnx for the name compliment. Nice reading from you,


I used to think one could have a platonic relationship with a guy until all my so-called platonic friends took turns to ask me out. Needless to say I was hurt I felt betrayed cos I thot they had been harboring this sexual thoughts about me since God knows when.




Your words …….. with much appreciation.




  1. LOL rethots…this ur post is on another level!!!

    and yes u can run but u cannot hide…at all at all…and i don beg u for my blog o..come and put ur comment..thanks!

  2. Rethot is at it again! You managed to update without updating…hmmn you can “sprint” but you can’t hide indeed!!!

  3. LOL @ this post. You obviously erased the parts of the emails that would have allowed us outsiders to match the missing pieces together…

    You never really answered two questions:

    1) Do you look like a geek?
    2) How did you come about the name “Rethots”? (Life seems to be coming at you 100mph does not seem like the answer…lol).

  4. ah na wa o! meanwhile, do all the tags and stop being an elusive blogger..loL!

  5. first time here… i av to say this post is very interesting & confusing… i shall go back to read the others… lol
    but platonic relationships with guys is becomin a rarity these days!


  6. U sure do things differently..i like!

  7. Lolll…I figured out which response was mine!

  8. I see. What Hail thee?We are back to that. I will drill you a lot when I interview you on my blog. U’ve got it coming!

  9. LMAO, i swear i did a double take when i read one of my first comments, i was like…Hey, that’s me!!

    I respect you sir, i hope i meet you one day, infact, work on several projects together, I believe it would be a privilege..

  10. Maybe you should run. You may not be able to hide.

  11. fascinating stuff!

  12. not until i read my email to u did i realize wat this post was…interesting…

  13. hmm rethots, this post dey give me scoins! I think I’ll need the DaVinci code to crack this one!

  14. hahahaha. This rethots sef!

    I totally agree with on the Elendu saga. Your comment is deeply appreciated. I hope all bloggers will find your comment insightful.

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