Posted by: rethots | November 26, 2010

Life is….

….beautiful, a fact. However, to enjoy fully its beauties, one needs to continually (retreat to a state of solitude to) re-assess one’s path.

Retreating helps to highlight areas one needs to improve without unexpressing improvements achieved since the previous retreat.



  1. True words, so apt particularly as the year draws to an end.

  2. I totally agree Life is indeed Beautiful ….retreating to reassess forms the basis of what next to do.

  3. Some powerful post this is!
    I hope I never forget this..

  4. The need to re-assess and re-treat is so needful to appreciate life. Beautiful.
    Thanks for the highlight and thank you for stopping by my blog.

  5. This is something I’ve realised recently. There are so many amazing things to appreciate about life. Thanks for this post and for reminding us to life above our worries once in a while.

    Sugabelly 2.0

  6. True words as usual.
    Retreat, refuel, rethink, rejoice…

  7. I have a poem on my blog with the same post title (LIFE) as yours.

    Yes o, life is not easy.

    Life is like a battle where soldiers, even after advancing to launch missiles onto the enemy camp, later retreat, plan, re-strategize before the next launch.


  8. I totally agree. Retreat is good.

  9. Solitude is often mistaken for depression… People generally neglect the need for deep thought so as to ascertain one’s position with one’s self and as you rightly mentioned, reassess one’s path…


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