Posted by: rethots | November 16, 2010

You, only you….

Make someone your standard and the best you can ever be is 2nd to him(her).

Set your standards, meet (break) them and set new (& higher) standards. Then, watch as the ‘world’ applauds you.

You, only you can make it happen.



  1. SO SO TRUE!

    I keep reminding me myself of this every time I have a decision to make.

  2. Absolutely! I agree with you hare. No wonder someone said the best person to compete with is yourself 🙂

    – LDP

  3. just stole your words…….dont worry, i’ll quote u

  4. Great nugget…thanks for sharing.

  5. i concur

  6. yup…only me!


  7. Loving this all the way!

  8. Only me…

  9. I love this!!!!!!!!

  10. i like this oooo
    so succint

  11. True talk O wise one!!!

    p.s. go and answer the question I left on my page..female corner indeed! mscheeew

  12. The beauty of being original. Well said.

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