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…for service

Ermmm, did you get my invite? Which one? The bb office group invite? Oh, that one, yes i did. Why didn’t you accept? Well, when the office starts paying for my bb service, i will consider accepting. Go jooo….

Hey, what just happened there? Don’t mind my oga (no.2), he was asking why i didn’t accept the bb office group invite he sent me. Why didn’t you? Does the office pay for my bb service? Wait, so, what did you tell him? The truth. What? That when the office starts paying for my bb service, i will consider accepting.

You are just a trouble maker. Haha, shey you know i deleted my ogas (no.1 & 2) from my bb? Oga (no.2) accosted me someday and said he couldn’t find me on his list. I accepted him again. Why did you delete them in the first place? Why should my oga be chatting with me on bb?

***short of which, bb (various ridiculous message broadcasts) subtly denies many the luxury of being privately stupid.

Posted by: rethots | July 8, 2011

Not Knowing….

‘Tis good to know what one wants. However, and much more important is knowing what one wants not.

If one knows not what one wants not, it could & would always be packaged and sugar-coated to one as what one wants.

Posted by: rethots | June 27, 2011


Sometimes, taking the rational decision no matter how seemingly illogical is the only fair option?

Posted by: rethots | March 21, 2011

‘Tis Free

Whatever you do, always have an opinion based on personal convictions….

Posted by: rethots | December 31, 2010


The year runs out, a year filled with many happenings. Yet through it all, we can only be filled with appreciation and thanks.

The coming year, we embrace with praise…..

Posted by: rethots | December 15, 2010

….’tis not all?

Hmmm, for oratory purposes, ’tis simply an awesome quote. However, why does it feel illusional?

“Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. There are many mediocre things in life – love should not be one of them.” Unknown

So, why did he think the state of being crazily in love with someone, as a progressive series of acts and actions; during which they will stumble and fall. However, as long as they get up after every fall then, that utopian state of ‘love’ will simply not elude them?

Posted by: rethots | November 26, 2010

Life is….

….beautiful, a fact. However, to enjoy fully its beauties, one needs to continually (retreat to a state of solitude to) re-assess one’s path.

Retreating helps to highlight areas one needs to improve without unexpressing improvements achieved since the previous retreat.

Posted by: rethots | November 16, 2010

You, only you….

Make someone your standard and the best you can ever be is 2nd to him(her).

Set your standards, meet (break) them and set new (& higher) standards. Then, watch as the ‘world’ applauds you.

You, only you can make it happen.

Posted by: rethots | November 5, 2010

What Qualifies You?

Guess what he just asked me? What? Why i didn’t tell him something was happening at my place last Saturday, that he just heard from your babe. What did you say? I lied and said you guys gave me a surprise. Are you serious? Yep, later asked him how come he didn’t even remember ’twas my birthday? He said, he saved it in his organiser. ‎​

My principle is, if you have to specially remind anyone ’tis your birthday, then, such people need not be invited if you have a little get-together.

Posted by: rethots | October 29, 2010

Nigeria at 50 – Day 29(b): Eventually…

Day 29 continued from Kemi 
Who are you advising on the phone? You really sounded pissed. Tis my joinery man oh, he was supposed to bring my chairs 10days ago. He has not brought them and he keeps giving me ‘beautiful’ excuses (which unfortunately to him are faultless). Wait, are you advising the guy on how to run his business or are you scolding him for not having delivered your chairs? Hmmm, can you do one without the other?

Ha, don’t mind him oh, he know the guy has (delivery) time credibility issues yet, he still gives the guy work again and again. Ehen, ngbo is that true? Ok, let me confess, he has the technical know-how/ competence for what i want and for that, am willing to wager the time.

In that case, why do you keep scolding him when doesn’t meet the timeline (a trademark you know him for) he has promised? Simple, there is only one thing that guy is skilled at (very skilled, i dare say), and tis woodwork. So, how will it make him change? Cos, eventually he will understand that his sustenance depends on his trade.

‘Now’ is Nigeria’s “eventually“. At Jubilee??? Tis never too late.

Hey not so fast, you can’t play this line now. Oya, finish your write up……
Whoever said tis (not) finished. Anyway,
“…are you scolding him for not having delivered your chairs?” we as a people need to stop keeping quiet (or understanding) in the midst of ineptitude and failure. We simply should not accept it.
“…are you advising the guy on how to run his business…?however, and much more importantly, as we choose to refuse ineptitude we should also make sure we find ways to retify these things and actually act them out. One step is never insignificant in a thousand step journey.
“….eventually he will understand that his sustenance depends on his trade.once we understand that whatever happens Nigeria will always be home to us, then, we will realise now is the time for us to begin to make that change we all want individually and in our own little ways.
Nigeria at 50 – Day 30 Rita

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