Posted by: rethots | January 30, 2010

…assumed situation, differing thots

Hmmm, you see that look on your face is simply mischievous. Haha, what have i done now? Why are you smiling? …would you rather i frown (or squeeze) my face? No, wonder someone once said, she thinks trouble follows you. Don’t mind her jo, her mind was just running in motion. Okay, tell me…..what mischief have you done now? Nothing oh, simply sampling differing thots. …am listening. Haha, do you ever rest or give up? Why should i?

Okay, sent this “if you saw me in a police car, what will you think happened?” and…..

“You didn’t hand them their daily bread….bribe.”

“Probably with your contracts or a BIG mistake! Why?”

“Omg….what did you do?”

“I’ll wonder what if you are a criminal. Wassup? Should i be worried

“I will think you did not give them a bribe….”

“The police in this country can’t be trusted so, i will probably think that they are up to no good again. (However, i might also think that you might have said a few ‘wise words’ to aggravate the situation!) Why did you ask?”


  1. Hahahaha!!!

  2. Maybe I’m not laughing or having a mischievious grin on my face (as in the post) because the situation of security in Naija deeply saddens me. See what the police have been reduced to!

  3. If wouldnt know what to think…honest 🙂 I’d probably think you are a police.

  4. Hahaha…i got a similar txt from a couple friends and sent it to a couple too. Interesting responses for sure!

  5. hmmmmmmmmmmm
    long time ooooo
    corruption is relative i guess one can conclude

  6. i will know u were proving the law instead of jus co-opertaing jejelly

  7. Sounds like someone struggling with a dilemma they really have no control over.

  8. I guess that’s the police we have and then there are those that know you well enough.

  9. Hahaha! i see my response

  10. i see my response…wassup?

  11. oops dint knw it posted…am spamming.LOL

  12. hmmmmm. i think i’d just assume they had wrongly arrested u during their raids.

  13. actually, now that i think abt it. it depends on how well i know d person in the police car. if it’s someone i know very well, den d natural assumption is dat dis police pple don start again. but, if it’s some random stranger, den i’d think he’s a yahoo yahoo boy dat got caught!

  14. rotflmao!

  15. I’ll just assume that you werent smart enough 1. to let urself get caught. 2. to talk urself out of a bad situation…. I’m a nigerian…. i know that if you know the way it works you’ll never be on the wrong side of the police…in this country.

  16. how pathetic! when someone get arrested in naija, the truth is that, most of the times its because the policemen didn’t get what they want for him/her.

  17. you have described a tragedy

  18. Too funny @ “their daily bread.”

  19. I DO NOT LIKE the uniformed men in black!

    I’d think they were up to no good (which is practically always the case)

    Silly cows.

  20. “The police is your friend” you right…friends or enemies….I wish they are scrapped.

    They suck..I mean the black uniformed dudes…

    lol 🙂

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