Posted by: rethots | March 11, 2009

….becoming a virtuoso

…that you have worked ought to be tutelage but, we hardly get that these days, we just work through under a ‘master’ does not qualify you as a ‘master’.

‘Mastership’ is a process many a times, tedious where one works consciously and continually to learn a trade.

Haha, no wonder someone okay, one of my Professors back in school said; “Master a good technique, then, leave yourself to inspiration.”



  1. Feelu ma bruv
    Wen the mastery of a thing is complete, inspiration is all we hav left…

  2. I absolutely hate this word press comment form which needs me to leave my name, email and website before I post a comment….Im always in a hurry and sometimes it actually puts me off leaving a comment even though i will be dying too (Okay rant out of the way, clearly someone needs to get laid lol)

    These days we just work to put food on the table and afford the Jimmy Choos and the Condo by the lake. Very rarely do i meet people with a passion for thier work, most of the times its just a job that pays the bills

  3. well I think the only thing one must seek to master is the self. When u master yourself everything else comes.

  4. When you work under a master… are training to be like the master. You will become the master when the master is gone

  5. @ naijagirl..y be the master. Y not be your own self.

    @ rethots…the word is learning which i believe includes obssrvation. I think a “servant” should observe the master and make his/her own way. Make whatever you learn yours and improve on it, so you are not just continuing the masters work but also inventing yours.

  6. The professor’s quote made me giggle a bit.

    I read a book that advised that we must never feel we’ve “got it made.” If we do, then we will stop increasing. So I agree that to become a Master at something shd be a continuous process…never to be stopped. I like this thought!

  7. … so how do we cope with the exhaustion that comes with the drive for perfection?

  8. so agree with yr professor bro…. all we can do is learn the basics of the trade… the extras come from inspiration…

  9. Hmmmm…so i have to be a master hey? Not an easy job o but working at it

    How’re you doing?

  10. hmmm
    i’ll have to keep that thought
    master a good thing then leave it up to inspiration


    how long does it take to master it?

    just kidding

  11. yep! the extras come from inspiration.

    hope you r good?

  12. Ok…to really gerrit I will have to come back sober!!

  13. True talk. Learning the basics is the first and most important step to becoming a master and legend. . . Inspiration does the rest. Thus everyone could actually become a master in whatever he or she does. Your professor could not have been more correct!

  14. rofl at Afrobabe! Love your honesty, girl!

  15. lol at afrobabe..i had to come back as well

    “master a good technique and then leave yourself to inspiration” sound advice.. inspiration is what you really need to become a master

    what exactly are you tryin to master tho?

  16. Na true talk u talk bros. Welldone, Nice blog!

  17. I’ve always felt becoming a ‘Master’ is about knowing a little about everything… rather than Everything about little..

  18. Ur prof’s quote got me thinking..just WHAT IF one doesn’t get the desired inspiration??

  19. Dude.. you are not thinking of bailing out from blogging are you?

  20. well goodbye then Friend. I shall miss you!

  21. Hey! you’ve been given an Honest Scrap award in my blog The art of kissing and Honest Scrap Meme. Don’t ask me what the award is but check it out.

  22. 9ice blog,glad i found it…

  23. Beautiful again but Rethots why are you so elusive?

    That’s for the next scrabble game.

  24. Erm..Re your recent post r u leaving blogsville? i just found fair. if u r sha..bye. will miss u..*sniff* n if you’re not..update!

  25. Nice one bro…weldone!

  26. rethots..long time o!!! wats with ur last post…r u leaving us?? pls dont o

  27. What does your latest post mean?

  28. why is d comments off for the last post?what meaning are we suppose to infer?
    wats d difference btw a master and a leader?

  29. True talk!
    TO be a master is a continuous thing
    I agree with your professor.

  30. yea i feel you. your professor is a wise man. thanks for stopping by my blog hut

  31. Why turn of comments? Have you become a Master already that you don’t need our puny comments anymore?

    Remember, Mastership is a continuous exercise.

  32. Is the conquest over?

    Are you home already?

  33. Okay update ooooooooooooooooo:)

  34. …i was wodnering what n.i.m.m.o. was wondering about offing the comments;)…long time chairman…how is it?…

    …can one ever truly master anything?…isn’t there always some more to learn?…if anyone ever says that i have mastered something, i’ll be very troubled…i think part of the inspiration that i draw is the inability to ever master…even the self…always striving to be better, to better understand, on and on…but that keeps us going…once we think we’ve mastered, gotten a handle on something, something else comes along to challenge that and make us rethink…right?…or maybe that’s just how it works for me…nice read…i really wish i had more time to read all of you…*sigh as she turns back to the paper she is supposed to be writing about lacan*…

  35. hmm

  36. Ah. Mastership.
    Easily flaunted, hardly achieved.

  37. Hey! I kinda sorta miss you. You don’t blog no more?

  38. Ahan,u have stayed away long enough now!!
    update joooo abi you want me to start getting confused again

  39. Thank you so much for all your comments…… wise words you left…
    have you stopped blogging?

  40. bros how far now???

    ur attention is required on my blog

  41. hi…..

    i know u said farewell….


    you can always take that back…… know.

  42. Hullo!
    Thanks for coming by my space. I see we’re almost blognamesakes.

    I am going to remember that last line of ur post.

  43. From Sirius up there. Is he saying that you said farewell to blogvville?


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