Posted by: rethots | February 27, 2009

Re: ….indulge

What are you thinking about? The challenge now. What challenge? Afrobabe, Ibi, ShonaVixen, Buttercup (though, seemingly unsure), have dared me to make them giggle, i need to indulge them. Hmmm, seems Truthmasta wants me to tell him how i intend to achieve this unfortunately, tough luck.

Now, let’s see; Sirus, NoLimits, Rita, Buttercup identify all four correctly. Doug, Enkay & Simplegal knew they were four but, not sure if they identified them correctly though.

Ambidextrous, one who uses both hands. Write with my left-hand but, do most other chores with my right. Oops, seems i have a companion in Standtall. Toluwa & Aloofar i love your confidence, to be proudly wrong. ShonaVixen, Buttercup, Rita, tres bien. ShubbyDoo, common be decisive.

Three girlfriends, unfortunately not had the luxury. Sirus, Rita you guys are wrong, oops, dead wrong. Original Mgbeke (my e-sweetheart), Vera, Mizcynic correct.  Wow, Temite more than three? Kafo, why must it be an odd number? Qmoney, where do you stand?

Smoke, i don’t. Bumight, Afrobabe, Good Naija Girl, Sirus, Ibi, NoLimit, Shubby Doo, Funms-the rebirth, Rita, In my Head and Around Me no i don’t smoke. Original Mgbeke, Temite, ShonaVixen, you are wrong i don’t smoke but, we could go have a puff for trials. However, it must be cuban cigar sha oh.

Giggle, the bonus. i don’t giggle. If i have to lie then, i got to do it seriously.

Hmmm, so the only truth there is that i am ambidextrous. NoLimit, do you know me? But then, in all everyone was a winner someway….



  1. I plead OJORO!!!!

    and how many times do i have to say in this blogville, anybody that wants to mention my name should put it in Bold and RED? ehn?

  2. bumight like u too i’m saying ojoro 2

    rethots….na lie o!…i no gree…i said you were ambidextrous & to that affect I remember saying something about u being an architect & the need for tangential thinking…abeg which one be c’mon be decisive?!!!…AND i was right about the you not really smoking apart from occasional smokes…cuban cigars or not i was right!!!


    i’m just going to re-check my answer just in case i didn’t quite answer as above…in that case my fading memory and lack of ability to spot lies is the fault of my old age!!!

  3. kai, u this bumight ehn! instead of u to be working on ur album u r being 1st up and down..mscheeeeew!

    i tried small na..yay me! 😀

  4. see i got it that you dont smoke(except cuban…

    not having had 3 girlfriends does not exonerate you from flirting

    geek you are especially if u are ambidextrous

  5. Wow.. OMG,OMG!! You had me running in circles but that was soo good.
    I hope you write like this often cos only few can (without getting banned from writting, that is).

    MW, why do I have to fill out an application just to write 2 sentences on you blog???

  6. I had a slip of finger….That was not my intended answer!!!

  7. hmmm
    i have a thing for numbers
    i knew it would be infinitely hard to guess which one was a lie cuz i honestly somedays have a hard time following you talk less of figuring you out

    it’s okay

  8. HA! U seem like quite the ladies man, ergo, more than 3. But then again…one never knows.
    I think I shall call u Ambi. hehehehe. Gosh I crack meself up. Alright. Have a brilliant week by the way.

  9. hi

  10. u r quite an interesting individual!

  11. *hiss……I hate these darn guessing games……

  12. how come you didn’t mention me??? i’m

  13. how you doing anywayz?

  14. so, what do u think about the lil book?

  15. I like the way you did your 2truths and 1lie blog. Very creative. 🙂

  16. I guess i dropped by rather late but then even if I’d dropped in early enough I’d still have been too wrong. I’d have gone with the smoking and girlfriends thing as true but ambidextrous? Wouldnt have thought that was true. Thats one hell of a special trait I wish I had. . . my left hand is practically useless except for helping to wash the right hand.

  17. LOL. Oya o…Ambidextrous hmm? That could come in handy for when we ummm…*coughs*

  18. & this must be after some serious rethotz right?

  19. Rethots, re: Q, no you cannot “spend a day inside one’s head” as one does not know you. Er…same reason for er…not indulging.

    Intriguing though…still.

    One sees one did not get credit for spotting lack of giggles. Credit should be given where credit is due? Not that one is fishing for compliments…obviously.

  20. how i missed your truth and lies post is beyond me,
    guess its too late for me to guess huh
    *am off to sulk*

  21. I’m not feeling this post. How about a quicker update?

  22. sulking badly i wish iwas ambi…watever

  23. Ok, I would have got that wrong, for real! Chai! I didn’t see that ambidextrous one coming at all! hmmm you would be handy in a tight spot, like if you were a spy and the bad guys tied you up you could angle one hand and use a lighter (damn it you don’t smoke!) and burn through the rope! LOL!!

  24. Hmm…rethots you dont come again with this ur loose chain talks.

  25. Erm…what’s up my bro?
    I’m disapoointed! Brovas shd stick together right?
    Not like that, but you know what I mean!

  26. Ok I just had to say this:

    I dont think you have a funny bone in you mister!


  27. you ommitted my name!!! oya quickly do a sequel like buttercup

  28. Damn…i got it wrong…sigh..i can be a sore loser n its even worse when m not feeling well…

  29. seems you hedged your bet there

  30. Ah you are now my padi in something. Cuz I know I am ambidextrous, I trained my self to write with my left. Momma used to beat me for doing stuff with my left hand imagine.

    Glad to found you Ambi like me (lol)

  31. i knew u didnt smoke………. wait o, why am i no 31 to comment? 😦

  32. First time on your blog. I love the …calming theme! And hey…i am ambidextrus too…only, I started out at the gym last week and I can hardly use one of my

  33. Dude u do knw Toluwa has a crush on u yes???

  34. Ambidextrous Rethots…

  35. so u can use both hands right..hmm im jealous cuz at one point i tried to learn how to write with my left..but ddnt work out

    n not had d luxury of having 3 girlfriends? hmm

    thnks 4 stopping by d blog..alter ego. Will look thru ur blog to find any traces of this alter ego 🙂

  36. At first…

    Strings of drifting words
    besiege my curious mind

    Swarm of warring thoughts
    halts the ebbing tide of meaning

    Am I on the wrong planet?

    But on a re-thot…

    Like a play reaching its resolution
    I sip meaning from your parting words.

    P.S: Thanks for stopping by my blog

  37. oh wait, am lost. So i totally guessed wrong?


    i hate being wrong

  38. So it was actually 3 lies and 1 truth?

    Isn’t that cheating? You were supposed to do 2 truths and 1 lie!!

    For that simple reason, I declare myself winner! lol!

  39. wen u deny d 3 girlfriend u mean uve had less than 3 or more than?lol

  40. thanks for stopping by my blog…alter ego?w hmmm i dnt think so….im one of a kind!

  41. lol, someone who’s not sharp would get easily confused on this your blog.

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