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The Golden Age

‘Tis been 50years and the road has been quite long, join us as we celebrate Nigeria’s Golden Age at oluSimeon on 1st October, 2010.

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He acutally thot he was doing you a favour. What? He what?? You must be joking.  Listen, he had clear crystal clear instructions on the project brief. Moreover, in unambiguous terms he was told to take his fees first from the money he was given to do the project. Now, though the scope of the project increased (by virtue of more money available for the project),  the prerogative to increase his fees was his.

He felt slighted that he was given a snag list (list of corrective works).  Oh, oh, oh, cos he thot he was doing a favour he felt he ought not have been given a snag list? On the contrary, he felt you took the work too professionally.  Hmmm, interesting. As much would rather not give thot to the idea that he felt he was doing a favour, are you in essence saying, he feels he was entitled to do the work as he pleased since he was doing a favour?

The two projects we have done together, you know the fees we were pittance, yet still, we dared not tell either the client or anyone else for that matter we were doing a favour. Do you know why? Why? Cos we collected fees. So, why did you guys agree to the pittance fee from the client in the first place? Good question. At that point, we needed the project and not the necessarily the money. How come? We needed the project for our portfolio, so, while the client might think he hit a jackpot for the pittance fee he paid; we got what we wanted. Simple. No pro bono, no favours.

For you to ever collect money for any work, you lose the right to say or think you did anyone a favour. 

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So, tell us, what mischief are you up to again? Why should i be up to one anyway. You are smiling. Wait oh, you mean i cannot just smile again. Even you know that your smile is simply a hint of some mischief. Well, sorry to disappoint you, no mischief whatsoever…… Ehen, what did you say? You are just a trouble maker.

What have i done again? Didn’t your colleague tell you that new secretary is a lawyer and an SAN for that matter. I know, so what? So, why did you address the letter to him as Mr……… and not Barr……..? Haha, sebi i put SAN at the end of his name? But, you didn’t put Barr. infront of his name. Do you really have to go this route?  Oh, that one, well, let him challenge me.What other route would you rather i went? Everyone addresses him as Barr…… So what? Can you be an SAN without being a lawyer? Can you be a lawyer without being a barrister? Please educate me.

Listen, not everyone needs a professional prefix before their names. So, who qualifies? A medical doctor, a professor, military men, a pilot….. Hmmm, what of doctorate holders? Well, would rather write Ph.D after their names but, in retrospect i could write Dr. before their names. All these ones you are writing is  long story, why didn’t you just take the shorter route and write Barr…… before his name? Even the long route, is still a route, if he wants a prefix other than Mr. before his name then, he should go and get a Ph.D (not honorary).

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You are perpetually indeep thotsor whatever you call it. Haba, these days ’tis not always ‘deep thots‘ oh, am there are ‘pleasant thots‘, ‘refreshing thots‘, ‘a single touch‘ and more to come. So, you don’t worry, just be patient.

Why is he thinking with such intensity? Ha, don’t you know he is always indeep thots‘? I know but, this is quite different. Oh, his friend told him to let them go into shipping business that there is money there. So, what is wrong with that? Don’t you know whom you speak off, he doesn’t just jump into business or activities just like that. Then, let him think about it now. Ha, obviously you still don’t get it. Are you guys going to keep discussing me? Point of correction, we ain’t discussing you but, your thot. Moreover, why don’t you tell us why you had an intense ‘thotful’ look when your friend proposed shipping business to you?

Good. First, this friend is actually confused, very confused, i daresay. Not unbrilliant but, so very unsure of what he wants all in the hope to make money. In the past two years, he’s told me he wanted to lecture at LBS, set up a school amongst other things. What is wrong with that? He is a man with ‘dreams’….. At least, even you called it ‘dreams’. Know you not that, no matter what dreams you can visualise, if you have not the capacity to follow (any) one thot through, you are simply chasing the winds? Trust me, ’tis just a matter of time, he is going to come to me with another ‘great’ idea.

In times like these, one thot from a professor of mine back then, keeps refreshing itself in my minds eye.  He said, “Master a good technique, then, leave yourself to inspiration.” You see, everyone (okay, technically almost everyone)  is ‘looking’ for money or will appreciate the extra cash. However, ‘money’ eventually always come, unfortunately by then, ‘twould have no meaning (or be put to great use) cos one has not made it a conscious effort to develop a (simple) thot through…..

Hmmm, fair enough however, knowing you, there is always still more to these thots or yours. When there is no more to these thots, then, one has probably finished one’s ‘race’.

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….of ‘looks’.

Why are you smiling? You know when you look at someone like that, i know alot runs through your mind. I don’t get you. That look is so expressionless, ’tis too simple and intriguing a look not to have a deeper meaning.  Wow!!! never realised that, will take conscious note of it next time.

…am tired. Obviously, once you start behaving extremely formal and hardly suggesting opinions, the deal is done and your mind is elsewhere. Wait, you guys mean you psycho-analyse me? Not at all, ’tis just that ’twill be unnatural not to notice these things. Ehen?

So, do you want to tell us what you are up to?

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We all are…

…ain’t you even going to try and campaign? For what now? At least, who knows, you just might be able to swingle a win. You see, either way you look at it, we all are winers, so, why bother? Kai, you love to run sha? Who said? My dear, i pick my battles, that choice, i never relinquish. So, what is happening in this case? Ha, see this troublemaker ehen, you want me to go slug it out with Aloofaa, Doug, Vera, Bagucci, Naked ShaKtravula and Lola Akinmade, don’t worry. ’tis not necessary, for to have been named together with these bloggers, one should naturally be content.

 Aloofar‘s very first encounter on mine was here and thereafter, not only have we been blogmates, but, we do occasionally chat. Doug‘s first was here and we’ve chatted about twice or thereabout. Vera had hers here, and we also chatted a few times. Bagucci‘s was here and if my memory serves me right, we’ve stumbled on each other one.

Naked Sha, whenever i go to her blog am always reminded that i still have quite alot of Yoruba to learn. With Ktravula and Lola Akinmade, my first encountered their blogs was when the nomination came up. However, you know just how you feel when you don’t regret doing something? That was exactly how i felt when i read their blogs.

So, now you tell me why anyone would not be content to have been called in the very same breathe as these bloggers? For that singular reason, i reiterate that ‘we‘ (Aloofaa, Doug, Vera, Bagucci, Naked ShaKtravula and Lola Akinmade) all are winners in the Most Intellectual and Most Unique Voice of the Nigerian Blog Awards 2010.

However,  and much more importantly is that all (who dare to blog and or just comment) are equal winners in these 2010 Awards, for all have shown that even in the virtual world where we have created a new community, we can ultimately create the change we so want in Nigeria.

So, i repeat, we all are…. WINNERS.

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…stormy thots

The pen writes again, how nice. Hmmm, whoever said the pen ever stopped writing. But,….. But no buts, that the ink flowed not means not the pen ever ceased writing. Oh, pray tell where ’tis kept stored, whatever what the pen has been writing all these while. In the ‘minds eye’. Wow!!! your ‘minds eye’ must be ready to explode with thots, opinions and ideas. Well, if ’tis allowed to explode, will it be of greater use? Of course, when expressed people can unlearn from it. Ha, you you are just a politician. You know, i love the theme Kafo described her blog once upon a time as “An ode to things left unsaid and thots that get squashed by conformity and reality.” it so aptly captures the depths of many a blog posts.

So, whatelse have you been doing? Whatelse can i do but, think? You are always in deep thots. That i believe is a compliment. Presume it to be whatsoever you choose. What has been your current thots? You see, Allied wrote “…people think I have it all together but I am afraid I don’t….”. There is something on-point about that. Hmmm, i get that not. Am i surprised? Not at all…. ’tis obviously not your fault, you can you ever write a ‘straight’ word? I try, seriously, i try. Anyway, that phrase just expresses many people’s wrong thots. Too often, ‘we’ are all tempted & we actually do fall for such temptations to think the other person has it all figured out, thereby unconsciously putting unnecessary pressure on them. Well, i dare say, not so, only everyone comports themselves differently.

Thots, just thots…..

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…a present one

Tisha said, oops, wrote hmmm better still titled a post, “i was bored till i found this”. Naturally, curiosity, has traditionally been said claimed to kill the cat, but, of what fun or excitment is life if we dare not?

So, on there i dared, and i say Shakespeare, a man of past years, yet still, we read his books till this day. However, this gentleman a man of our days, is simply mesimerizing….

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…nine months.

“really,there was a grin on my face…………………..i really need to know u,u are just sooo DIFFERENT!!!!!

happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,no coded posts this year oooh………ehen”

Hey two dees, zion said you should pick me for his sister’s wedding on Saturday. Ehen, i don’t know anything about that oh. Whatever, have told you sha. Let’s see. Hey, ‘ssup? How do we hook up? I drive to Church and you pick me up. Am sure you ain’t ready. Don’t worry, am already on my way. 

…seems like they are through with the Church Service. Apparently, so where are they? Ha, see, think they are the ones taking pictures there. Yeah. You seen zion? No, yeah, look at him over there. Hey guys, thanks for coming. Where is db? He is on his way, apparently, he has some errands to run. So, where is the reception? You guys should follow my brother.

Guys, make yourself comfortable, ’tis going to be a buffet. Why you looking like that? How? Comm’n, i know you now, spill it. Okay, why is it the during marriage ceremonies, the seeming constant prayer is always “…we will come for naming ceremony in nine months…”? Ha, you read my unspoken thots. You know, me have told my babe, nothing in the first two years. Infact, we are going to intimate all the officiating persons not to make any reference to coming back in nine months. Better still, we will just engrave it with a loud voice on our invitation cards.

You know, my opinion of marriage is about companionship. The children are really complements to the union. Moreover, they are only with the two of you for a couple of years after which, they move on to become their own persons. Ultimately, the cycle revolves back to just you and your spouse.  Same here, unfortunately, we have made children the core essence of marriage.

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…assumed situation, differing thots

Hmmm, you see that look on your face is simply mischievous. Haha, what have i done now? Why are you smiling? …would you rather i frown (or squeeze) my face? No, wonder someone once said, she thinks trouble follows you. Don’t mind her jo, her mind was just running in motion. Okay, tell me…..what mischief have you done now? Nothing oh, simply sampling differing thots. …am listening. Haha, do you ever rest or give up? Why should i?

Okay, sent this “if you saw me in a police car, what will you think happened?” and…..

“You didn’t hand them their daily bread….bribe.”

“Probably with your contracts or a BIG mistake! Why?”

“Omg….what did you do?”

“I’ll wonder what if you are a criminal. Wassup? Should i be worried

“I will think you did not give them a bribe….”

“The police in this country can’t be trusted so, i will probably think that they are up to no good again. (However, i might also think that you might have said a few ‘wise words’ to aggravate the situation!) Why did you ask?”

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