Posted by: rethots | September 17, 2010


He acutally thot he was doing you a favour. What? He what?? You must be joking.  Listen, he had clear crystal clear instructions on the project brief. Moreover, in unambiguous terms he was told to take his fees first from the money he was given to do the project. Now, though the scope of the project increased (by virtue of more money available for the project),  the prerogative to increase his fees was his.

He felt slighted that he was given a snag list (list of corrective works).  Oh, oh, oh, cos he thot he was doing a favour he felt he ought not have been given a snag list? On the contrary, he felt you took the work too professionally.  Hmmm, interesting. As much would rather not give thot to the idea that he felt he was doing a favour, are you in essence saying, he feels he was entitled to do the work as he pleased since he was doing a favour?

The two projects we have done together, you know the fees we were pittance, yet still, we dared not tell either the client or anyone else for that matter we were doing a favour. Do you know why? Why? Cos we collected fees. So, why did you guys agree to the pittance fee from the client in the first place? Good question. At that point, we needed the project and not the necessarily the money. How come? We needed the project for our portfolio, so, while the client might think he hit a jackpot for the pittance fee he paid; we got what we wanted. Simple. No pro bono, no favours.

For you to ever collect money for any work, you lose the right to say or think you did anyone a favour. 



  1. Yep. Money changes hands, no favours done. It’s either you are doing a favour or getting paid. Like… can’t eat cake and have it too.

  2. Lol. Forget favor jo. Can he tell the Client he was only doing him a favor?

  3. True, because the service has been provided, and has been paid for by the receiver.

    …but then, profit is increased, life is made easier so I guess the favour’s done equally on both sides.

  4. I definitely felt your “presence” on my blog 🙂 Longest time

    This post is as if you are talking about me (me being on the client side) n now am feeling guilty 😦 while “We needed the project for our portfolio” sounds more like what we do in our company these days…

  5. For you to ever collect money for any work, you lose the right to say or think you did anyone a favour.

    True talk. There’s this long story but won’t go into it now.

  6. Exactly!!!

    The service has been paid for, no matter how small…so there is no favour involved

    Good one

  7. Of course! Once I have paid you, there is no favour involved!

  8. really funny and surreal.How are you?

  9. Of course favor or ‘no fees’ shouldn’t preclude professionalism. That should be the brand of any business.

  10. Yeah yeah, people do people ‘favors’ all the time in business and then regret it. Then there are the smart ones who actually do and hit big because it was actually a strategy.

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