Posted by: rethots | September 1, 2010


So, tell us, what mischief are you up to again? Why should i be up to one anyway. You are smiling. Wait oh, you mean i cannot just smile again. Even you know that your smile is simply a hint of some mischief. Well, sorry to disappoint you, no mischief whatsoever…… Ehen, what did you say? You are just a trouble maker.

What have i done again? Didn’t your colleague tell you that new secretary is a lawyer and an SAN for that matter. I know, so what? So, why did you address the letter to him as Mr……… and not Barr……..? Haha, sebi i put SAN at the end of his name? But, you didn’t put Barr. infront of his name. Do you really have to go this route?  Oh, that one, well, let him challenge me.What other route would you rather i went? Everyone addresses him as Barr…… So what? Can you be an SAN without being a lawyer? Can you be a lawyer without being a barrister? Please educate me.

Listen, not everyone needs a professional prefix before their names. So, who qualifies? A medical doctor, a professor, military men, a pilot….. Hmmm, what of doctorate holders? Well, would rather write Ph.D after their names but, in retrospect i could write Dr. before their names. All these ones you are writing is  long story, why didn’t you just take the shorter route and write Barr…… before his name? Even the long route, is still a route, if he wants a prefix other than Mr. before his name then, he should go and get a Ph.D (not honorary).



  1. i agree ooo
    sometimes all the letters after a person’s name just don’t make sense.
    I understand that on your business card or on your office door you need such things but do i really need to put it in for every letter i write you

    and do you have to insist that at church you are addressed with these things


    i understand you

  2. Lol @ “Even the long route is still a route.” In front or behind, what’s all the fuss about? Lol.

  3. Agreed

  4. LOL… Funny. I think I’ll start calling my brother Economist John Doe…. These days in naija everybody get title. Even okada driver sef…. Rider Monday Williams.

  5. Don’t mind the title lovers. Engineer this, architect that. small time, it will be kidnapper this, teacher that…

  6. lol at aribaba….ryder….., then me sef im banker….

  7. Naija mentality. I’ve seen someone addressed as Chief (Dr) Elder ‘Ogbeni’, SAN,JP

  8. LOL@ Rider Monday Williams

    People and title

    Trader Greg
    Butcher chukwudi
    Carpenter Musa etc


  9. lmaoooo@ SHE..teacher this and kidnapper that!!

  10. Lol, e no easy to be lawyer, I mean many have read law and were not called to the Bar.

    Posted by Moji (mama, MRS)

  11. Hmmm… actually, I have never been a fan of titles although I have been addressed as ‘Prof’ since my uni days, not because I love titles but because I have a dream. Maybe I’d become a real fan of titles after my PhD next year. lol
    But I’d humbly prefer to be referred to as ‘Samuel’ anytime, any day.

    I have seen names like Tunji Okoro FRSN, FRSON, PPMB, NIMM, …

    I no fit laugh o. lol

    – LDP

  12. We have this Pharmacist and Pharmacist (Mrs) XYZ in church. If I was their kid I would disown them…*cringe

  13. My Oga will curse you if you do not address her properly in any letter. Heard she even told them at emirate to print her titles on her air tickets. Some people can die because of title oh.

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