Posted by: rethots | August 11, 2010


You are perpetually indeep thotsor whatever you call it. Haba, these days ’tis not always ‘deep thots‘ oh, am there are ‘pleasant thots‘, ‘refreshing thots‘, ‘a single touch‘ and more to come. So, you don’t worry, just be patient.

Why is he thinking with such intensity? Ha, don’t you know he is always indeep thots‘? I know but, this is quite different. Oh, his friend told him to let them go into shipping business that there is money there. So, what is wrong with that? Don’t you know whom you speak off, he doesn’t just jump into business or activities just like that. Then, let him think about it now. Ha, obviously you still don’t get it. Are you guys going to keep discussing me? Point of correction, we ain’t discussing you but, your thot. Moreover, why don’t you tell us why you had an intense ‘thotful’ look when your friend proposed shipping business to you?

Good. First, this friend is actually confused, very confused, i daresay. Not unbrilliant but, so very unsure of what he wants all in the hope to make money. In the past two years, he’s told me he wanted to lecture at LBS, set up a school amongst other things. What is wrong with that? He is a man with ‘dreams’….. At least, even you called it ‘dreams’. Know you not that, no matter what dreams you can visualise, if you have not the capacity to follow (any) one thot through, you are simply chasing the winds? Trust me, ’tis just a matter of time, he is going to come to me with another ‘great’ idea.

In times like these, one thot from a professor of mine back then, keeps refreshing itself in my minds eye.  He said, “Master a good technique, then, leave yourself to inspiration.” You see, everyone (okay, technically almost everyone)  is ‘looking’ for money or will appreciate the extra cash. However, ‘money’ eventually always come, unfortunately by then, ‘twould have no meaning (or be put to great use) cos one has not made it a conscious effort to develop a (simple) thot through…..

Hmmm, fair enough however, knowing you, there is always still more to these thots or yours. When there is no more to these thots, then, one has probably finished one’s ‘race’.



  1. Dat ur friend na what we call an O O. Ogbu oge. Time waste!

  2. heyyyyy

  3. I couldn’t read everything, but I’m glad I caught these words highlighted in red, “Master a good technique, then, leave yourself to inspiration.”

  4. Your old professor said it all. If one is not focused, it will be difficult to achieve anything.

  5. hmmmmm indeed. last line gave me a lot to ponder.

  6. LOL@FlourishinFlorida’s comment…that’s what one of my colleagues always called me whenever i yabbed her&she had no reply for me…

    These things are worth thinking about, esp when it comes to money…no such flighty fantasies my dear…think it through

  7. lol@fff, u no go kill pesin? nothin wrong with ‘dreaming’ tho 🙂
    *How u

  8. following a single thought through…. in the multiplicity of thought, that is a real challenge.

  9. Jack of all trade (ideas)…

    I’m stealing that quote.

  10. Serious Jack of ideas, love the professor sayings, just stick to one

  11. Pirates of the atlantic ocean. So no sailing for you yet? Your friend’s am bition lacks depth.

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