Posted by: rethots | June 18, 2010

We all are…

…ain’t you even going to try and campaign? For what now? At least, who knows, you just might be able to swingle a win. You see, either way you look at it, we all are winers, so, why bother? Kai, you love to run sha? Who said? My dear, i pick my battles, that choice, i never relinquish. So, what is happening in this case? Ha, see this troublemaker ehen, you want me to go slug it out with Aloofaa, Doug, Vera, Bagucci, Naked ShaKtravula and Lola Akinmade, don’t worry. ’tis not necessary, for to have been named together with these bloggers, one should naturally be content.

 Aloofar‘s very first encounter on mine was here and thereafter, not only have we been blogmates, but, we do occasionally chat. Doug‘s first was here and we’ve chatted about twice or thereabout. Vera had hers here, and we also chatted a few times. Bagucci‘s was here and if my memory serves me right, we’ve stumbled on each other one.

Naked Sha, whenever i go to her blog am always reminded that i still have quite alot of Yoruba to learn. With Ktravula and Lola Akinmade, my first encountered their blogs was when the nomination came up. However, you know just how you feel when you don’t regret doing something? That was exactly how i felt when i read their blogs.

So, now you tell me why anyone would not be content to have been called in the very same breathe as these bloggers? For that singular reason, i reiterate that ‘we‘ (Aloofaa, Doug, Vera, Bagucci, Naked ShaKtravula and Lola Akinmade) all are winners in the Most Intellectual and Most Unique Voice of the Nigerian Blog Awards 2010.

However,  and much more importantly is that all (who dare to blog and or just comment) are equal winners in these 2010 Awards, for all have shown that even in the virtual world where we have created a new community, we can ultimately create the change we so want in Nigeria.

So, i repeat, we all are…. WINNERS.



  1. Hmmmmm

  2. hmmm
    isnt someone supposed to take me out?

  3. I smiled when I read this. And then I grinned from ear to ear. Awww.

  4. This is so inspiring! Well done!

  5. Awww! *cue standing ovation* Lol nice one!

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