Posted by: rethots | May 26, 2010

…stormy thots

The pen writes again, how nice. Hmmm, whoever said the pen ever stopped writing. But,….. But no buts, that the ink flowed not means not the pen ever ceased writing. Oh, pray tell where ’tis kept stored, whatever what the pen has been writing all these while. In the ‘minds eye’. Wow!!! your ‘minds eye’ must be ready to explode with thots, opinions and ideas. Well, if ’tis allowed to explode, will it be of greater use? Of course, when expressed people can unlearn from it. Ha, you you are just a politician. You know, i love the theme Kafo described her blog once upon a time as “An ode to things left unsaid and thots that get squashed by conformity and reality.” it so aptly captures the depths of many a blog posts.

So, whatelse have you been doing? Whatelse can i do but, think? You are always in deep thots. That i believe is a compliment. Presume it to be whatsoever you choose. What has been your current thots? You see, Allied wrote “…people think I have it all together but I am afraid I don’t….”. There is something on-point about that. Hmmm, i get that not. Am i surprised? Not at all…. ’tis obviously not your fault, you can you ever write a ‘straight’ word? I try, seriously, i try. Anyway, that phrase just expresses many people’s wrong thots. Too often, ‘we’ are all tempted & we actually do fall for such temptations to think the other person has it all figured out, thereby unconsciously putting unnecessary pressure on them. Well, i dare say, not so, only everyone comports themselves differently.

Thots, just thots…..



  1. I thought I was hallucinating when I got a notification of your update! As usual…thanks for trying to confuse sumburri!
    Yeah you never left, you were just hibernating!

  2. You updated???????????? Woot, woot!!!!!!


  3. just thotz huh? our pens wrote not in April 2010 but the ink flowed elsewhere, yes?

  4. “…people think I have it all together but I am afraid I don’t….”

    I like that quote by Allied because it aptly describes my life…as it seems sometimes.

    Oh, did I say welcome back? Missed reading your thoughts, no matter how deeply conceived they always seem to be…

  5. Serious thots you got here. Not only do we put pressure on pple we think have it all together, we put too much pressure on ourselves too, tryn to play catch-up.

    Your thots are quite innovative i must say… welcome back

  6. Nice reading, even tho i was a bit confused…lol, U r rite wen u said we put so much pressure on pple we think hv it al2geda….so trueee

  7. We all need an escape from reality and normality once in a while, to express ourselves freely, without fear of prejudice.

    I think we often put pressure on ourselves to have it all figured out, using those we feel have it all together as the yardstick for measurement, thereby putting pressure on them as well.
    Good to see the ‘minds eye’ open up…

  8. pressure uh?

    sometimes you just have to let the pressure slide.
    Nobody has it all together, they either trust God or themselves but no one has it all together.

    some people just have the ability to compose themselves.

    “u consciously putting unnecessary pressure on…” now that i don’t understand…

    i have grown to learn that pressure comes any which way, you just have to be prepared to respond right.

    What happened to make you update? lol

  9. thoughts by rethots….Been a while…you just forgot this sister right?

  10. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Checked out yours. It reads like a Virginia Woolf stream-of-consciousness novel. I tot i left that behind when i left school. Pleasant memories anyway.

  11. Nobody ever has it all figured out..

  12. Not ever write a word straight, yes.

  13. I feel you girl. Dont know if it happens to you like this but the ‘spirit’ has to be upon you to write. You just cant make it happen it has to happen to you.

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