Posted by: rethots | November 30, 2009

…in deep thots

You know you have not really made money for your office in the past couple of weeks? You know we didn’t have a review this year? So, that is why you have refused to make money for your office abi? Well, no not really…….my projects have been pretty light these days. So, what do you do with your (office) time? I spend it judiciously. You ehen, someday….. Come has anybody complained am not delivering? On the contrary, you seem to always appear busy. Ain’t i? Whatever……

Short of which, that book you are presently reading, hmmm, Outliers, you and your oga were discussing it. Apparently, he said he is also reading it at the moment. Ha, finally he is going to decode you. Meaning? When you know what someone likes you invariably demystify the person. Ha, now am sure you are going nuts, but, being my friend, I sure can help you if you ask nicely. Whoever said I was a code or a mystery. You don’t get it, he knows football does not interest you ‘cos you look as if they speak ‘greek’ when ‘tis discoursed during office meetings. At least, now he knows what he can get your attention with.

Almost very well said, but, you see since he now knows I read Malcolm Gladwell, he will probably know I must have read ‘the art of war’, ’48 laws of power’, ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ and the likes. So, what does that imply? Though quite, I cannot be swerved or better still he probably knows how my mind works. You, you, just fascinate me with the way your mind thinks. So, tell me, what have you been doing these past weeks (oops, months) that you blogged not? …been thinking.



  1. Lol.

    It is true that one can determine who a person is from the books they read, or from the ample time they spend just “thinking.” Or from their blogs…

  2. lol…you sure have been thinking cos i couldnt follow this.but you read malcolm hey?

  3. When you know what someone likes you invariably demystify the person.

    Not unless you are a complex individual with an intricate persona a versatile charcter one who feels comfortable in any given situation, that kind of person you can never fully decode, once you think you have figured them out they surprise you with something else

  4. Yaaay!

    I’m deep in thought tooo…about my my life, my Bill Gates/Oprah Moment, basically My “X” factor moment.

    I think That guy is on the wrong path to understanding you

  5. wetin u dey think????????

  6. think less oh. we no get hospitals for naija oh. those places that pose as hospitals are just DEATH POOLS.

  7. he finally updated…were you inspired or simply giving in to*ahem ahem*subtle*ahem ahem* pressure.i kinda agree with leggy and miss definately’s comment…but you can’t hide behind ‘that’ for long you know….

  8. Yea,ppl always wanna demystify one another……

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