Posted by: rethots | September 11, 2009

…ought to be?

Hmmm, coincidental but, an excellent sequel to “…tenses”.


Fab wrote:

“You don’t wanna talk to me?”



Now, let’s see what would have been a correct answer to respond in the affirmative?

No, I don’t want to talk to you

Yes, I want to talk to you.


Better still, could the question not have been wrongly asked?



  1. What about “Yes, I don’t want to talk to you.” 😉

  2. no, i do want to talk to u

  3. Of Course,
    It could mean
    1. Of course I dont want to talk to you
    2. Of course I do want to talk to you
    That way she is ALWAYS in the dark.

  4. Tenses are what they are. Misuse em and you are screwed!

  5. rethots, didnt know you were back to blogging oh.

    How are you?

  6. lol…i read this in FaB!!! post

  7. The question is wrong, mixed up.

  8. wat about…”is dt a question?”


  9. I’ll say – “Not that i don’t wanna not talk to you”
    That way, we’ll both match each other’s tenses.

  10. Lol…..tenses can rily get things twisted if misused i guess.

  11. the question is wrong
    but i would say Yes, I don’t want to talk to u

  12. Rethots…you have come back oh!
    The answers are wrong 🙂

    What do you think the question could have been?

  13. Hmmm

    “Why wouldn’t I wanna to talk to you?”

    I figure you can throw her a question in her own speak.

    *update a couple of days away

  14. i likey sirius’s suggestion! yeah, throw back d question @ her

  15. how about-i no wan talk to you

  16. Lemme see – I would love to sit and talk with you.

    That sounds a little more humble.

  17. Hmmm! Is that a trick question?

  18. I’d like to talk to you but u’d have to update first 🙂

  19. Yes and No, i want to and i don’t want to talk to you 🙂 lol

  20. Knock knock…….

  21. very interesting blog.

    you do want to talk to me?

    yes, i don’t wanna talk to you.

    i think

  22. Lets try…
    ‘you say wetin?”

  23. Rethots!! wow ur back!
    i havent been on blogger for a long minute and i was just checking thru some of my old comments n i saw one of urs..decided to check out ur blog again n Bam! ur even though i see ur posts are widely interspersed..i still look 4ward to reading them..

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