Posted by: rethots | July 22, 2009

…do you?

She likes you, He likes you hey, hey, don’t think thus far, talking of  liking the opposite sex oh, ’tis that simply; there is nothing you can do to ‘enhance’ the like. No wonder people who like you will ‘bend backwards and over’ for you, go the extra mile… Hmmm, where goes he??? However, if she likes you not, perish the thots or desires; why struggle to proove to her you like her? She knows, no doubt, only she doesn’t like you. Period!!! But, but, but, if you stay at it long enough, the tides may change. Eventually, but then begins a timeless journey of you continually having to ‘prove’ your like. Short of which, you dare not do a wrong. Why kill yourself before ’tis time?


“Will you really love to walk the evening years with him(her)?



  1. I think the thing is not to push one’s limits. Many times, the guy already knows the girl does not think of him in such a manner (at least, not yet)…but yet he pushes her TOO HARD (night calls, flowers, offers etc). How about just focusing on “true friendship,” and in due season the rest will unveil itself?

    (Missed reading u).

  2. nice post Rethots. I think after a while you have to walk away and let go.

  3. ow, the life of Baroque, i relate to this, when i was trying desperately to prove my like to her
    …i quit & she came begging, at that time i coldnt change my mind, i was hurt
    …not sure i have forgiven her
    guy, later

  4. If she likes you not, perish the desires….

    I agree mate 100%

  5. LOve or like is crap men. i have given up and i suggest you do the same.

  6. ha ha ha…i actually liked this…yeah sometimes the tide maybe change,sometimes it wont…but u might acually [spend ur whole life thinking that if u had stayed a lil bit it might have worked out.

  7. Will you really love to walk the evening years with him(her)?

    a question every one should ask themselves

  8. Tides may change. True

    In some cases she ends up being the one who loves him more tha he would her-

    I’ve seen this happen.

    And if tides don’t change, dust your feet and Move along to the next-
    Erasing every atom of emotion you once felt- so that the next who accepts your “like” for what it is gets a full dose of you and not the reminants of a once desire filled man.

  9. There is a NO the girl says that should be a dead end, there is a no that encourages: she wants you to prove it is worth it. You proceed so cautiously, she has to prove it too.

  10. the tides changing???? the tides may only change simply because you have stayed long enough sometimes not necessary bcos you are suddenly “liked” maybe a reward for staying and being persistent, and seeing u walk away will look “wicked”, i am spelling …sympathy here,

    Well, there are exceptions to the rule, remember!

  11. Do you mind if i pooist this on my face book with all due reference to you ofcourse

  12. Hmmm…i’ll say love has to be reciprocated…some pple date out of pity..eventually, it never works out right…

    Sometimes though, the lady likes the guy but has to prove hard to get, you just have to be able to discern which it is.

    Good to read from you again rethots. How’re you?

  13. Word! A person is only worth being with if they can invest feelings in you voluntarily.

  14. I kinda disagree. You stay long enough and the tides turn and she just might end up LOVING you self. I don’t think that in every case, you will constantly have to prove your life to her. Then again, there are the exceptions.

  15. I don’t believe in trying to prove ur ‘like’. It almost always backfires. She/he dot want you, then plzzzzzzzzzzz let go!

  16. truly there is a NO that is final and there is a NO that encourages. is it not guys that keep saying “when she says no, she means yes”?

    we just need to be sure you mean it. heck, some guys don’t want it easy! they love the thrill of the chase. so we give it to ’em. 😉

    me thinks guys are getting lazy these days and looking for excuses.

    once she likes you, she likes you. you’ll both have to prove ur likes, then love, to each other.

  17. It’s so true…

    But, it’s not always that black and white. It’s hard to even explain sometimes. As in it’s possible that it’s not a straight case of you like him but he doesn’t like you…

  18. naw

    i only like the sisters

  19. never turn around too fast cuz u may regret it….stick together thru thick and thin and something may just pop!

  20. nice post..give it time….and dont be too in her face

  21. Ahhh..A complex cycle I tell you..

  22. hmm, maybe whatever rocks your boat.. maybe what will be will be.. maybe you have to hang in there.. maybe you’ll get tired and walk.. maybe if you stick long enough you’ll win.. maybe.. different actions for different situations and circumstances..
    very nice post 🙂

  23. everything works out with time,depend on the girl though.
    thanks for going through everyone of my posts.

  24. “Why struggle to proove to her you like her?” Guys and babes should learn to see the writing on the wall.

    Nice post!

  25. The trick about no proving to a lady that you love her is that if and when she comes around, you can sit back and let her do her loving bit. Which is usually a lot more than a bit.

  26. I’ve seen true love blossom out of sheer “likeness” but the many heartwrecks, exceeds the fortunate ones.

    pray about it. only God will know the right one…….( did i just say pray. hmm, I need to go and eat breakfast.)

  27. btw…thanks a lot for stopping by….mucho gracias and much love

  28. WOW!!! Rethots!! So i woke up to over 30 email notifications…umm wow! I’d email you but i don’t see an email address. I responded to some of the comments but i doubt you’d go back to em so…

    I’m ____ [can’t think of a word] lol

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