Posted by: rethots | June 17, 2009

…be her.

…and the story was told of a little village where there had been drought for a long while, and the people prayed and prayed and prayed for rains to fall, yet rain fell not. Then, the people questioned God, and He answered them saying do you believe I can make the rains to fall? Yes they replied. Fast for seven days. After seven days, it still did not rain and the people murmured, but, You said we should fast for seven days. Yes I did but, did not say it would rain after seven days; wanted to know how obedient you people were. Haba, after these periods of drought, do You really think we will disobey or not believe You? Okay then, in that case fast for one more day and when you want to break the fast you should all gather at the town hall to pray. Then, your prayers shall be answered.

…and as the last sets of amen resounded, in torrents the rains fell. However, only a little girl remembered to bring an umbrella.



  1. maybe they missed the rains so much, they didnt want to bring an umbrella!

  2. where i am from, there is THE FIRST RAIN DANCE!
    they probably were doing tha.

  3. I can imagine what they will say… How great thou art..

  4. she was thinking ahead……….

  5. Little girl is my kind of girl………

    Prepared for what lies ahead.

    Been a loooong while


    love the story…

  7. LOVE the story. That is some strategic planning from the little girl, hopefully when she grows up, she would agree to run this country of ours. Welcome back Rethots…You were missed.

  8. awwwhhh, how sweet, i cant imagine the little yelow umbrellas with big sunflowers on them. what a cute child she must have been…

    meanwhile, you, where you dey since? & what’s new on the drawing board

  9. Hope this doesn’t mean there will be a rain of posts……
    who needs an umbrella after so much drought??we shall get soaked happily…..

  10. …nice!!!…i liked this!!…its been forever!!…how far ole boy?…

  11. In order to receive from God, u need to believe like a child.

  12. So can we assume by this post of yours that you’re back on the blogscene(not that you ever left completely in the first place!)
    little gal believed with all her heart!!!

  13. lol! Nice one Rethots! Where have you been tho?

    Please check out my new post on

  14. Welcome back.

  15. ahhhhhhhhhhh 9ice
    i enjoyed this

  16. *welcome back

  17. I have missed u Rethots.
    Love the meaning in the post.

    If only we all can be like little children…

  18. And he’s back…. Good lesson. Always think of d results of what u wish for so u’d be prepared

  19. Perhaps – we can assume.. that THE MUSE-er is back? Or would that be a case of bringing an umbrella to a prayer for drought?

  20. love the little girl…may I say she was the only one who truly believed that it would rain after the prayers?…may God help us all to believe and trust in him just like her…

  21. Welcome back

  22. welcome back!!!

    the little girl is something else init?

  23. Sometimes true wisdom resides with the babes.

  24. I join everyone else in welcoming you back:)

  25. Rethots, how you gon’ come back and silently creep in without notifying me? Mchewww…

  26. Too funny. I missed your blog so…

  27. Hey, you know I was just thinking… there was a time a brother didnt have a job and things were getting harder. Even after getting the job and good pay, I was still thinking of someone to spot me. There is a way we get used to the bad things of life and dont kow how to react when the good things come.

  28. Smart girl.

  29. hmmmm this is philosophical

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  31. I really loved this…oh, human beings…when will we not forget to prepare for the downpour…

    I’m going to post this on my facebook btw, with credits of course…

  32. 🙂

  33. Remember??!! Dont you mean ‘only one little girl had enough faith to bring an umbrella’ Love this.

  34. we ask God for things sometimes and we so caught up in the need that we don’t realize we have to get ourselves ready for the harvest.

  35. i liked this.
    Only this gal believed enough to bring an umbrella.
    Nice one!

  36. lol. very interesting. but if na me o, i for no bring umbrella too. after all dat drought, wotever for????

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