Posted by: rethots | February 17, 2009


Why are you grinning? Nothing oh. You, lailai, I don’t believe you. Ok, can’t you see my boss looks awkward the way he is handling the mouse with his left-hand? See who is talking, ain’t you also lefty like your boss? But, I use my right-hand to handle the mouse. Actually, I am ambidextrous. You, must you always make it a point to look for Encarta? Funny enough, this once, I really would have loved to use any other word but ambidextrous, unfortunately, it has no synonym.

You are a flirt. Sorry? I said you are a flirt, if nobody has told you before; well I am telling you now. If I was a flirt, I would have a bevy of babes but, no such thing; infact, I have only had three girlfriends. I am not buying that. Come to think of it don’t you know that flirts are those who can make ladies to giggle?

What? Did you call me a geek? Yeah, but, it baffles me how you seem such a geek and you also smoke; never been able to figure it out. Well, does that not tell you I ain’t a geek? Anyway, I don’t smoke as often as before, just occasionally these days.

Come Aloofar why on earth did you tag me? How am I supposed to tell two truths and one lie or is it vice-versa, when you know I giggle when I tell a lie? Anyway, I have indulged you with not just three but four so, figure out which is which.



  1. cute post.

  2. i really want to believe that u dont smoke!

  3. At last an update!
    Can’t get one’s head round the figures right now. Any leads…proposals?

  4. And yes you ARE a flirt and you make ladies giggle:D
    Any tips?
    Er…N.P.I (No pun intended).
    A bro would just like a leg up.
    Again N.P.I.

  5. You are definately a geek and a flirt so I would say the smoke one is a lie…

  6. I’m hoping that the occasional smoking is the lie…I don’t even care what the others are!

    Clever way of presenting the meme!

  7. A part of me was about to lash out- No need to fret- I’m only jealous about the way you wrote this post……geek * check, Am(whatever) *check, Had 3 girlfriend *check, Do you smoke???? naa….

  8. You smoke. I bet you do…
    You haven’t had no darn 3 girlfriends, you’ve had 1. Hehehehehe…(I keed, I keed)…umm so that is the lie.

    I still have a blog crush, I waited and waited for you on Falentines day but you were too busy making girls giggle. 😦

  9. Somehow i think no 4 is the lie…somehow…

  10. geek…….you are

    flirt….you are

    smoke even occasionally………..i doubt

  11. I think you smoke, you are a geek, and you are left handed. But you have had more than girlfriends. Glad you updated.

  12. 3 girlsfriends (I really dislike that Num Lock button).

  13. you don’t giggle when you lie.

  14. Hmm…cant figure you out o…smoke?

  15. lol!!! now this is what I call a classic…in rethot style!
    Okay cos I know this could be trick question, I’ll respond in two ways…

    1.If it is 3lies and 1truth, then the truth is the first one…you’re ambidextrous…


    2.If it is 3truths and a lie, then I reckon the 3rd one is a lie…you don’t smoke!!!

  16. Flirts are those who make ladies giggle??? hmmmm
    What are those who make guys giggle called?

  17. gosh…#1 is a lie…but ts kinda hard to think of u as a smoker…

    Oh wells!

  18. It has been a while since I have been around here…I truly need to catch up on your blogging…

  19. 3 girlfriends??? Lie!!!

  20. trust rethots to write his in a different manner….well the lie is tht u’ve not had 3 girlfriends……..but its hard to believe tht u smoke…..ooooussh! like jenifa.

  21. i love the way you put this together
    i don’t know which one to choose u made them all sound convincing

    i really don’t know

    so i’ll say the girlfriend one
    i think u have had either 2 or 4 not 3

  22. Urm not a clue. But you do not giggle when you tell a lie cos you prefer to keep a poker (straight) face…to ‘preserve’ the lie.

  23. nah,u dont giggle.dats d lie.
    jus 3 gfs in d past sounds possible and so do d others

  24. Giggle when you lie = that’s a lie!!
    You are an ambidextrous, flirting occasional smoker!!!!

  25. Ok, this was very brilliant.

    Let me try n map out the 4 things:
    1. U r ambidextrous.
    2. U r a flirt.
    3. U smoke.
    4. U’ve had just 3 girlfriends.

    If those r correct, i think no1 is the lie. But then again, i dont see u as a flirt..charming, yes. Oh well, i’ll just stick with no1!

  26. #1 is a lie.

  27. the fourth one is a lie. Why on earth would you giggle?

  28. I CHOOSE to believe number 3 is the lie ooo

    Please dont burst my bubble, lol:o

    Where are my vals day roses?? I’m not your xxx anymore!!!

  29. i don’t think you smoke…i can believe the ambidextrous/left hand thingy…just cos of the way your mind works thru yours posts…it shows u have a creative mind plus you are an architect with tangential thinking skills…so I say the lie is u don’t smoke…maybe u do a bit socially but just don’t think u do it often sha!!!

    If I get this wrong then it is allowed since u got mine wrong and chose case 2!!! lol

  30. Hey, I don’t recall seeing giggle when I lie, I probably read too fast, Option changed.
    If you do giggle when you lie, it’ll be damn obvious……a move the wifey wouldn’t mind at all….*evil grin

  31. Who is that ambidextrous like me?

  32. need to go look up ambidextrous…….. ok i have….
    you dont smoke……. thats the lie!

    wow, this is the best truths and lie ive ever read……

  33. So this is supposed to be a truth and lie meme?

    It’s hard enough to know what the statements are to find out if they are true or lies…

    1. ambidextrous – true
    2. three girlfriends – true
    3. smoke as often as before – lie
    4. giggle when u tell a lie – partly true

  34. Number 3 is the lie. I am so damned good at this….

  35. wont even try to determine which is the truth ill wait for ur post and finally you have updated ur blog pls post another soon!

  36. Your style of writing is really interesting.

    Since this is going to be guess work, and I believe you are a guy, it’s most likely you don’t giggle when you you lie. So #4 is the lie!

    First time here btw!

  37. First time here, and I must say, I like what I see. Very creative and a unique style of writing.

    I would guess that number 4 is the lie; I don’t think you giggle while you lie.

    Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. Lest I forget, I caught you being slick…you didn’t actually pick any of my statements *tut tut tut tut*

  38. o ya update now!

  39. geeks smoke and womanize so its not a true test

  40. lol. funny.

  41. I’m suspecting that #2 is the lie since being a flirt has nothing to do with the number of girlfriends you’ve had. Matter of fact, I think most flirts dont date often, they are usually satisfied well enough with the attention they get from flirting. Who needs the cow when you’ve had the milk?

    I too, giggle most times when I lie. It sucks. Either that, or i end up blurting out the truth too soon. I mostly dont bother trying to lie anymore since it usually backfires. *usually*

    …hence my name.

    Nice blog.

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