Posted by: rethots | February 2, 2009

…can’t hide.

What is your opinion about blogging? Therapeutic! Why you ask? Nothing just amused at how addictive blogging can become. Hmmm, that is quite true sha. So, tell me, why did you start blogging? A friend once sent me a link to a post she did and I was like hmmm, I can do this. At least, ‘twill be an avenue to store all my writings and thots. What do you mean? …used to write quotes et al on papers before and the likes you know. So, is that what you still do? No, no not really; like life ‘thas evolved. Now I try to capture moments and events but, the ultimate about each post is that the comments complete I think compliment should be the word it. As in you could form a whole new post with the comments alone. The comments express people’s thots and person. Thots’, I understand, what do you mean by ‘person’? I know you are leading me somewhere; I think I am curious to know the destination. Who am I not to indulge you? Anyway, do you know you can know people through their blogs? How? People’s characters and attitudes can be deciphered through their writings? Are you sure? Someone could write to create a different persona…… Yes, only someone cannot write consistently with the created persona for so long without slipping; and with the slip, the true ‘person’ is revealed. I am trying not to get lost with your train of thots.  Don’t fight the idea, which is why most times you may never actually ‘read’ what you are reading, just believe it. Are you saying you read between the lines when you read posts or what? Nope, I read strictly for pleasure and if one reads lazily one unconsciously picks out what even the writer realized not he or she was passing across. I will try to be conscious about it when next I am reading a post. Once you make a conscious effort then, you have failed before you even start. Whatever, so, what else is peculiar about blogging?


In blogsville, you get to know people before talking to them; unlike in the real world where you get to talk to one another, gauging, poking, pretending courtesy, observing all in trying to know a ‘person character & attitude through the ‘little details’ (hobby, career, likes, travels et al). However, in blogsville you already ‘know’ people through their ‘writings’ and you only get to know the ‘little details’ when if you meet. Se you get my drift now, the ‘person’ is the constant while the ‘little details’ is subject to change per time.




  2. Yup!!! I totally agree, you can actually get to know people through their write ups…having said that, I still believe that is not 100% true at all times…sometimes, people make you see what they want you to see!!!

  3. this is why I say…

  4. I think someone’s blog, especially if it is a personal blog, can give you lots of insight into the person, and you can definitely read between the lines, but readers have to be careful not to assume that they know the person inside out solely from their writings.

    Lots of different situations or experience can inspire people to write on their blog: some only write when they have a dilemma or when things are going well or when things are going badly so that might make it harder to get a complete picture of the person’s life from their blog.

    One thing I know though is I can be fairly sure if I’ll “click” with a blogger from reading their blog.

    I’m not sure that made any sense but I know what I mean 🙂

  5. it’s a beautiful world here, blogsville!

  6. gng:-i know wht u mean.

    rethots…i’ll give a typical rethots response….uuummmhhh.

  7. So who and who have you come to know?

  8. I agree with you that a person’s blog tells you about their personality, i have met a few bloggers and i wasn’t disappointed at their personality!

  9. my blog…little bits and pieces of the writer……

  10. agree and disagree… e.g. found that people that know me, read my blog and go huh? often cannot align the two at all…. my persona is supposedly completely different… so i wonder do i have a split personality… or is it the readers lack of/overactive imagination… and do i intentionally make things complicated cos of the pseudonym?

  11. this is true but there is also d whole snonymous thing that blogville provides to those of us on d timid side

  12. I really don’t know how far one can go in defining people based on what they write. Yeah, there is the general view that writers pick their subjects from resources garnered from their private lives – perceptions and impressions. But I’d like to say that blogging, to a large extent, gives people the opportunity to live the lives they’d loved to live as opposed to what they really are. Most people just build up avatars to nurture. I’m right on this ‘cos I know some people who are on blogville and have been my friends before they started blogging. Some are shy in real life but project themselves as confident, shy-less people. It’s fair to say that blogville is a universe filled with personas.

    Every blogger seems to understand the concept of branding. Project an image and be true to it.

    For all we care, Vera might be a shy, lay back person; Afrobabe might be a virgin, after all 😉 😉 😉 😉 Hit me!

  13. i was trying to say anonymous not snonymous
    blogville provide anonymity to many and this allows those on the timid side to express themselves in a way they don’t do in society

  14. Hmmmmm. I agree with you that people cannot sustain a persona for long. You may not be able to decipher their personality from their blog posts but you might be able to garner an inkling from comments left on others blogs from emails sent back and forth. You know such things. I am too set in my ways and too authentic to try and project a different image. I am who I am and I do believe that I bleed thru my art.

  15. ur right but some people r d complete opposite of their blog personality….. as for me, my blog is me, unadulterated!

  16. I think blogging is very liberating. For those that choose to be 100% honest through their writings (moi), its very therapeutic…can’t begin to express how much my blog has helped me with my current circumstance.

  17. I think its true that you do glean peoples personas thru their blogs, I agree that people might exergerate (sp)etc take on new personas etc but if you are perceptive enough you get to see glimpses of the real person behind the blog. I find ‘words’ reveal a lot about a person. If you pay close attention to language, vocabulary, finesse, content, consistency etc you get to ‘know’ more about a person without necessarily paying attention to the ‘stories’ they blog about. But then I would like to think most people are frank about why they blog and the ‘truth’ in thier blogs.

  18. “… someone cannot write consistently with the created persona for so long without slipping”

    absolutely right

  19. hmmmm…truely you cannot write consistently without sliping…But its better to read it wthout looking too closely or asking too many questions…

    I cant remember why i started writing and I no longer know why I continue…it’s no longer therapeutic, its just an addiction now

  20. so wat does my blog tell u abt my persona?

    I started blogging at first not because it was theraputic but because i thought it was fun. I wanted to share my thots with people and know what they think of my thots…weird uh?

  21. I agree with you, mostly. There are always a few exceptions.

    Oh i forgot, im supposed to be fighting with you, lol

  22. gen gen…who did you meet?

    ones web log is a one sided affair…an interpretation of how one might view things…yes as a reader you get to see an aspect of their mind but you can’t know them fully…because living in blogville is like living in a box…it is a controlled environment and not the whole pic

    one could look at a person’s response to comments on their posts, how they comment on your posts and/ or other people’s posts…that is another insight…but again it is not the whole pic.

    like kmplx said it is about what is inside of you and how and what you wish to show. This does not always translate to how others that know you in the real world perceive you. in the same way people in blogville that read you blogs and think they know you do not.

    like aloofar said it is about branding…i have read blogs…some good and others that just don’t appeal to me… I have seen people’s post change…. some for the better as they work thru things in their real life and some for the worst for whatever reason.


    like u said “… someone cannot write consistently with the created persona for so long without slipping”


    so i guess it all depends why you came here and why you want to stay here.

  23. I’m not a very good judge of character so I wont say I agree or disagree.
    I for one, come across as a chatter box via blogger, facebook, msn, etc…but I think I’m naturally a quiet person, so as someone said…I may have a split personality.

    As for why I started blogging…it was spontaneous. Too many reasons…Ive been close to leaving, but now, its an addiction..

    How have you been anyways?

  24. I’m with NoLimits on this one. People make you see only what they want you to see. Word.

    How are you, Rethots? 🙂

  25. True Story…………

    But then again when some people blog they tend to be the exact opposite of who they are in the real world………..because the see blogspot as the only place where they can show their true colour.

  26. I’m with you. You really talk to the person before meeting…so to say, on blogville. Sometimes you know so much about a person that you forget you don’t even know the person. I think I like it. No, I know I like it.

  27. they’ve said all i want to say! its possible to get a fair perception of a person through their blog and at the same time, some people r different from their blog personalities..

    im curious about what u think about me!

  28. I agree with you. For me,blogging is my therapy. Nothing beats the satisfaction and relief of putting the finishing touches to yet another post.But you cannot judge a person in all his entirety by way of what they write, all you can derive from time to time are shadowy glimpses of character.

  29. Your categorization of this blogging thing is definitely in point.

    Hope all is well with you and yours?

  30. Well said. Blogging is addictive and for me, it feels like an asthmatic patient taking his Ventolin or other medications. Once you try to quit, the heaves come and you run back to have that needed dose. I find it difficult to agree with you on the idea that you can always decipher people through their writings. It’s true . . . but only to an extent. It’s all a matter of style and the multiple personalities some of us have and can switch on from time to time.

  31. By their blog/ writing you shall know them….

  32. Rethot was kinda insinuating that my blog be private… one day it will be..but not now..when I get to where I feel I need to be it will be archived and my wife can read all of it.

  33. Indeed. You definitely get to know some people’s character through blogging. I enjoy blogging, I try not to let too much of my personal details/character show though but as I get more comfy with my blog fam I am sure it will come naturally. 🙂

  34. word

  35. hmmm….I get it now. Prolly a bit of both.

    It’s all in the detail…I agree.

  36. I guess it holds true for people who have the ‘spirit of discerment’ 🙂 anyways blogsville is a good place to meet pips!

  37. Hmmmmm: i agree about the therapy having a blog provides. I think that some people use it in that way. However, others use it in more amusing ways like story telling, gossip, running a business etc. It is interesting how blogging has evolved and how is considered a word such as googling, facebooking or myspacing! Technology and how we communicate…there is a concept that could crowd ones mind

    Thanks for vising my blog. Will be back!

  38. yeah.. pretty much says it, maybe without the frstration and vexation in mine! lol! but i still blv there is a middle and that we must find! maybe it will start with us at blogville. us who hav d eluxury, as Danny calls it, of seeing beyond the veil. wont be a bad start, aye?

  39. To blog or not to blog…hmm

    In “blogville” like real life its bitter sweet… you get to “know” ppl by what they write…true, but not so…

    If you wear your heart on your sleeves you will get burnt here… but then again you get to meet gentle souls like …thots 🙂 and just learn to be better decerning of insecure, fake, self promoters…

    Thots how you dey?? 🙂

  40. I think blogging does give you an insight into the character of the blog owner (sometimes its merely an insight). I can’t seem to remember how i found blogville but i know that i used to blog because I found it therapeutic.

  41. to an extent u CAN kindda get a ‘persons’ ways but not really.

    like the style you. very interview with a vampire like thing.

    you can wind someone sha o! lol


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