Posted by: rethots | December 22, 2008

Who is she?

Word for word, thot for thot she is a match. She understands that the pen is much mightier than the sword; and challenges anyone who thinks ‘actions speak louder than words’ because, ‘tis words that gives character to action. She is discreet, she’s engaging. Oh, yeah engaging, she’ll make you gasps for more. Like Oliver, I know not; why not wait till you meet. She is captivating both in words and looks? Looks? …guess you would want to challenge that. Afterall, opinions are personal you’d repeat to me. But, trust me even if only this once and you probably will never doubt me again. Oh, don’t even think that route; she ain’t a goddess. Goddesses are beyond human comprehension, they are myths. Illusions.

She wants a house filled with love, yeah that is her definition of a home and compact that would be easy to clean. The house should also have a garden with trees and a hammock where she can lie in the evenings to read. Of course, the hammock will serve multiple purposes to include snuggling with her hubby. Like a quiver full of arrows, the children of one’s youth are likened. Surely, she want children too; a set of twins they better be identical, if not, the essence would almost be lost and an adopted one. Don’t ask, “Why an adopted one?” That is her person.

She has natural long flowing hair, which she normally lets down. She does not seem to follow the trends in vogue, yet, she is classy; …only one can describe a dress as; “It’s a short purple dress…with a brown belt and shoes”. I did not say royal purple is her favorite colour, ‘tis actually pink and black.

Of course, for what she wants, she will wager the right words. Trust me she can also be a spendthrift though, she wants to start saving more.

I think she is inquisitive but, you probably won’t know ‘cos she knows how to bid her time. Don’t be caught off-guard she is extremely observant. She is trusting and for some reason I am tempted to say adventurous also only, ‘m not sure she would be willing to dare the Mount Everest.

So, do you have a picture of her in your ‘minds I’? Oh, did I mention that she’s cute? Well, she is. …… you know her?



  1. hmmmm….she is the woman you truly know and understand!!Great woman!! but once more who is she?Beauty and love is her name!!

  2. Awww second! lemme read thru!and I’ll tell you who she is!

  3. Luvly post!well you definitely know who she is…at least that little we can decipher…let’s just say she’s the woman after your very own heart…or the women who got you eating out of her hands at the moment!!!

  4. Don’t know who she is…but she sounds great..

    The very epitome of a woman…

  5. I do not know her but I would not mind being the GNG version of her for the right fellow!

  6. she is your dream.

  7. She is either the woman u av got a crush on ryt now, or the one who has got the keys to ur heart. That sounded cheesy, but that’s the best answer av got…hmmm on second thoughts, she is me in another life. The life where I actually met u and swept u off ur feet. Lol.

  8. shes al dat n yet u cnt hv her 4 some reason se.on second tots retots,let me not spoil dis with my cynicism

  9. The One.

  10. She is the woman of your dreams!!!

  11. I always have to remind myself that u r a guy. I don’t y i always think u r a chic and i know i’ve asked u b4.

  12. I actually think she’s a relative of yours… In some way… after all SO’s also sometimes end up being related to you… 🙂

  13. she is the one to come…the one we have been expecting.


  14. To think I have some of this attributes! Hmmm who is this wonderfully discribe person? Is she a blogger? Your passion? Your GF? your….

    I beg to know

  15. …and happy xmas n merry boxing day

  16. Who is she? Too good to be true…

    How are you enjoying the festivities bruv?

  17. thanks for the lovely visit to my post, i’m enjoying your blog, very inspiring

  18. i love this woman. Merry Christmas

  19. She is me…except for the long natural hair. Make that short natural hair. 😉

  20. hey sorry i dint pick your calls …but for real you called me? hahaha, happy nu year


    Nice post. Happy new year dearie…

  22. The other day, I came here and typed up this long comment about how you didn’t have to dedicate an entire post to me. I went ahead to tell you that you were wrong on a few things though…like pink isn’t my favorite color. Blue is, actually. And I don’t want a “compact” house – unless compact means five bedrooms, a dine-in kitchen, a big basement, three bathrooms, etc…should I go on??? Well, I have no problem cleaning the house.

    Anyway, blogger ate my comment. So now I’m too mad to type it again. But then again… I guess I just did 🙂

  23. sounds like a good choice

    lets see how things are after the honeymoon phase lol

  24. Bet she is a blogger

  25. This ‘She’ better start kissing my ass, she has to pass my test, lol…

    Happy New Year!!

  26. Happy New Year!!Hope 2009 is great for ya

  27. You have a way with words; the organization and packaging came out flawlessly-me likey.

    Nice post

  28. yea i do…..:)

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