Posted by: rethots | December 18, 2008

…not a rebel.

Again? What? You are simply a rebel. Haba, at least file the charges against me and allow me to plead ‘not guilty’ or ‘innocent’. What did your boss tell you last end of year party? That I was simply a rebel, which we both know isn’t exactly true. Why did he say that? We were supposed to wear a touch of green, but, unfortunately try as much as I could I didn’t find anything in my wardrobe with even a stain of green. Although sha, much after the party I realised I could have just bought a green silk knots and used with a white shirts.


So, why didn’t you get a red one this time? At least you know I honestly don’t have anything red. Hey before you start thinking of excuses, we know your wardrobe is filled with blues and white but so don’t give us that line. It won’t be accepted. Funny enough, I accept ‘some’ fault because I actually planned on changing the threading of the button-hole of one of my shirts to red. Procrastination…. Fair enough at least you had the thots.  But, why did you say ‘some’ fault? Oh, because I wore a red hand-band which I obtained from a Senior Colleague which will not be known if you talk not.



  1. Rethots the rebel i say!!!!lol @ red threading on the buttons hmmm just a lil hint of red but still not going all out on red!!…Rebel…

  2. and i was FIRST!!!!!!!!!Wish i could post this comment in RED, BOLD, FONT!!

  3. Okayy second!hmmn let’s not say Rethot is a rebel…let’s just say he has a mind of his own!!! lol but he’s a rebel!
    So you had a “touch” of red then…i.e the hand band…

  4. thread ur buttons????


  5. You’re a rebel! Simple.

    Perhaps you should have carried a Mohawk with a shade of red somewhere close to your forehead. Then, they’ll call u a stronger word than “rebel”.

  6. red threadings? isnt that so tiny it cld be barely seen…

    U r a trip!

  7. Nah, you haven’t proven that you’re a rebel to me yet!

  8. LOL….You’re so funny…

    You’re a rebel jare. You could have just obliged!

  9. red buttons
    rebel warfare
    rethotz bloody fire
    revolution is not televised
    realisation guerrilla
    rehabilitation in green khakis


  10. lol@ baroque…

    Rebel darling,
    do you think that maybe you could put quotes, like when someone is speaking, in ” ”
    …or else maybe you could do a lil’ intro/background information before you dive into a conversation… like ‘At the office’..or something like that. And maybe you could use less font colors?

    So sorry, it’s just hard for me to follow your posts sometimes.

    It could just be me though…in which case, completely ignore everything I just said.

  11. uhmmmm
    rebel rethots….

  12. lol @ red threaded buttons…

    I’ve always known you were a rebel babes, from your very first writing….

    And I agree with nigeriandramaqueen , its kind of hard to follow who is saying what..

    Merry christmas…

  13. red threading, is that your idea of wearing something red? lol
    you could have tried red lipstick………

  14. Now This had me laughing….I mean red wrist band???
    It sounds like this is a trend you are happy with, I mean you couldn’t care less, (reminds me a lot about my self)
    And I hope for your sake next years colour is black, at least your hair will be much more noticeable than a red wrist band.

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