Posted by: rethots | December 7, 2008

…year runs out.

He is noughts, how can he call his ‘former’ babe to advice him on how to toast a new babe? It doesn’t make sense because knowing him, he needs no advice. Well, ’tis pretty incomprehensible; as in he amazes me every time. But then, ‘tcould be because he ‘digged’ the babe so much and didn’t want a situation where if he moved on which she has continually told him she has she comes back. Pray tell, how can such happen? Well, it did to one of his friends; and by the time they talked, his former babe hey, why you say former and not ex? Ex is not as deep said she made a childish move to have quit the relationship. Her bad luck. No, it ain’t so easy; ’tis not just the babe that lost out. The guy suffers as much pains, ‘cos he did love her then and if she had as much as come back moments before he asked his present babe out or even the little time lapse before Ms. Present said yes, he would have taken her back. The former must have given him ‘love drugs’, abi what else can explain that? On the contrary, I think he loved her. But, come why are we talking love and relationships? Abeg, let’s talk about money……….

Management called. Ha, tell me they are romancing you again? No, they know I don’t intend a move at the moment. So, what were they trying to sell you this time since they didn’t succeed in the car issue then? Don’t mind them oh, they put me on the hot seat. How? They wanted my opinion on how to make our studio you know we have two studios, a senior colleagues heads the other one more effective. Pray tell, what did you say? At that moment, I wished they had not asked. Why? I would have been silent. So, what did you tell them? While I concurred with them on the few changes they had in mind which includes changing my seating position. New position, I like not but, understand with their rational, I told them they had to disable the internet (as long as the intranet is in perfect working conditions) till like say 5.00pm. Why you suggest that? They wanted my opinion, don’t worry, ’twas not an easy call. It means I can’t blog during office hours again. I know that is one of the major things that hinder the productivity of guys. Hey, I didn’t like it but then, ’twas a call I had to make.

Come oh, how did you do it that management calls you before they make such decisions are made? Remember the same thing happened when they wanted guys to stop bringing their laptops to the office. Hmmm, that is a tough one. But, let’s say ’tis because ‘m quiet. You quiet, lailai. Wait now, amongst my friends we back-slap one another; we let our guards down. But, the people in your office are your colleagues though, you might develop friendships with some as such, you simply cannot behave as if you are amongst friends. However, another reason is that I don’t bother fighting for a lost cause. You lost me there. I’ll give you an example; I’d rather negotiate a commission rather than salary increase. Commission?, you definitely are not serious. Understand you not that as long as its salary, ’twill never be enough. Moreover, ’tis usually subject to someone’s good mood et al. So, how can you negotiate commission? Simple, you never go to the negotiation table if you cannot walk away. In essence, you must have something differs from industry to industry to offer. Hey, enough, let’s talk about something else……….

Another year runs out, ’tis been a pretty good year………………. God has simply been faithful. But then, that is who He is. He cannot be otherwise.



  1. Lol…former not ex…hehe thats funny.

    Another year has indeed come to an end…wow! Another cycle begins.

  2. Calling former babe for advise on new babe matter…hope u are not running away from the right one…

    I agree with u about the internet thing and productivity, but in this present times, we need info like a click away. Hope that decision is best on the long run.

    The year is indeed coming to an end and it has really been a wonderful year.

  3. hmmm so in calling former babe its also a bid to let her know that one’s moved on and to confirm that she too has moved on as she claims…
    yes good year indeed!!and m also of the school of thought that work = colleagues not friends

  4. word of advice…in general….an ex should never ask one for advice on how to woo his new babe because he could end up missing road…

    mehnn i’d rather negotiate salary…becos i don’t get commission at work…

    no there is never enough money…or enough time…to have a go at the endless possibilities and opportunities in this world…but for that we have been blessed with this year…we should be grateful

  5. A another year is over. Another cycle begins. broken hearts, new loves, losing jobs, gaining new ones, losing friends, making new ones, happiness, hell, hope dashed, the works, you know. IT ALL BEGINS AGAIN!
    New Babe is always good – but then again, a devil you know is always much more better than a devil you have to get to know. Just my take!!!!

  6. “how can he call his ‘former’ babe to advice him on how to toast a new babe”
    Nice one…in other words he is giving the “former not “ex” babe one last chance to make amends…in the name of “seeking” for advice…hmmm makes good sense!!!
    wow management calls you to seek your opinion? ‘cos you’re quiet?…hmmn food for thought!!!
    Yep I totally agree internet affects productivity most of the time!!!

  7. internet affects productivity big time but u also sold out big time.u sold us out n u sold ur coleagues out.ofc time makes blogsville thrive my darling.on d using styj 2 let babe knw say she stil get i can b obtuse wen it comes 2 hearts matas.i fit giv u beta advice even if i dey fil u

  8. giving up blogging during work hours for the greater good eh?

  9. did the ‘former’ babe actually dive him the advice??

    u actually suggested that the internet be about discipline!

    for me, this year has just been..different. i thank God all the same..

  10. I’ve actually considered asking to have my internet disconnected while I’m at work in a bid to stop me from having to learn to curb my internet use (bad, I know). Instead I need to discipline myself I think.

    God has been very faithful. I think Him for letting me see another December.

  11. true
    internet use hinders productivity
    (im guilty)
    as for asking a former babe for advice…..thats downright sabotage right there

  12. calling on former babe


    just call her up and ask what she’s doing these days….
    tell her u wanna hook up……

    discipline is a thing of self
    but cutting us off the internet at work is underhand

    some of us need to research online
    its part of our job……

    u just need to restrict blogging to lunch break hour…….*wink*

    pay rise is fabulous…….extra hours…might not mind

    commission??????….how does that play into what i do??????????

  13. i had to do this first, drop a line i mean, before reading through the piece! you’ve been here all along?? ‘m impressed!

  14. It hits home

  15. I agree, he loved her.

    Like d idea of not wasting time negotiating 4 a salary increase. btr to ask 4 a commission or benefits.

  16. Lol. If an ex is asking his ex how to woo his current babe, weeeeelll at least she can tell him what NOT to

    Nice blog. A bit mystifying though, but nice all the same

  17. probably using some reverse psychology on the ex

  18. its ok as long as he is sure his ex is leading him aright

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