Posted by: rethots | December 2, 2008


Pray for me oh! That what? Me, I have reached my bus-stop oh. That it works. Make the babe agree. Ehen, so me I look like a relationship prayer warrior. O mo wipe o ni ori obirin. Ori e gbe iso. You know eventually what will be, will be. If a babe likes you, she does; you cannot prove yourself.

Before I forget, the reason why I came is that I need you to raise me. Imagine, I went to the bank to check my balance and there was nothing there. If I had known I should have removed my tie. Who cares? Listen, I withdraw all my salary at once because I don’t like the bank my office uses for salary account. So, if I go there before they have paid which I doubt and there is no money there, so what? Short of which, have they not paid your salary? They kuku said ‘thas been paid, people using other banks have got theirs. Ha, maybe they deposited it in your babes account. Ehen, abi iru isokuso wo ni o n bami so yen? What is wrong if they paid your salary into your babe’s account? Abi, is it my account you want them to pay it? Or know you not that that is a better option. At least she is your babe and she will give you something. If they pay your salary into my account, kobo you won’t get.

Zion how far? ‘ssup? I dey….met her today…… she still likes me…but, it’s over. …I have finally moved on. Write me an epilogue for rethots. You want to close rethots? Of course not, about your relationship with her. Ok oooo. …send it on the morrow. Thanks. At least you have to finish your initiated story.



  1. I am lost and not ashamed to say it…..and i thought my mind was good at wandering…..

  2. rethots…is this the same babe as in ‘sought bride’, ‘at different time’ and ‘her story’? abeg tell her to leave you alone jare…jeez…do stay friends but I’m glad to hear that u’ve move on…life is for living…I guess 4 u God has decided it’s with someone else

  3. I take it the story is as yet unfinished? May good hearts have a happy ending.

  4. u sef…….comot your eye for where she dey

    make i come help u beat that person whey mis-pay your salary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i dont even know what to cant stumble on this ur blog oh,u go jus lost!!
    abeg make dem pay d money to my account finally

  6. How will your pay get to your babe’s account in the first place.

    I withdrew ma salary at once and now I am broke!

    When do we get going with our interview? Next week?

  7. WordPress!!! i shall have to decamp to blogspot.
    The post was not well editted, thanks to wordpress. …shall continue editting till ’tis spot-on.

    But then, ought you guys know you should give 24hours for proper editting before commenting?

    The post has absolutely nothing to do with rethots oh but, zion with respect to this “…to be answered” rethots.wordpress/2007/11/26/26/

  8. Rethot man! You need to use that your colour coding o…I think I get the gist but I don’t want to jump like kangaroo!!!

  9. we await the editing!! Hmmm sharing money with Zion???

  10. i am not sure i understand all of this

  11. LOLL…you and your unique style of writing.

    At least you understand that here on this blog, you have initiated a story about a babe and a certain “love life” that seems to be existing on your side, that you MUST complete…

    I’ll be here waiting when you do complete the epilogue.

    BTW, this was hilarious: “Before I forget, the reason why I came is that I need you to raise me…” It’s been long I heard that word: “raise.”

  12. now if i was your babe (real or imaginary) by the time you come and collect, yoursalary will be known as a balenciaga bag or a pair of jimmy choos lol.

    on a different note, its funny that we invest so much in relationships yet we never get any of the benefits back when the relationship ends. like all the time/effort/space/money/commitment u invested say over a year or two just goes in vain when you are relagated to ‘jus being friends’ in no other business would u make such a loss and not commit suicide….having said that jilted lovers sometimes do actually commit suicide……(wtf am i rambling about??????)

  13. and yet again I am completely lost!

  14. Dear Lord, please make the babe agree for rethots! Oya I have said a prayer for you, carry go!

  15. Ehen more like jo!…you were sending my brain on assignment before!
    just had to laff @ Ehen, abi iru isokuso wo ni o n bami so yen? ahn ahn you wey want prayer on babe…it won’t be a bad idea to get paid in ur babe’s account ke! abi?
    @Zion…we all…no…scratch that…I am waiting patiently for that epilogue!!!

  16. Hun?

  17. At least I am not alone on the being lost thing

  18. Hmmm, I thought na you dey broke, I come confess ma own state too. Well such is life.

  19. Rethots dear, pls do us a favour.
    When next you write conversations like this. lets know who said what like

    Rethots: bla bla bla…
    Mr X: bla bla bla…

    cos me i no go lie, i confuse no be small.

  20. lmao @ everyone being lost! im nnot left behind either in the ‘lost department’

    ok, let me try..ur friend’s salary is MIA n needs prayers for a babe to agree, right?

    the second bit..Zion is moving on from a relationship, no?

  21. rethots AGAIN! (like in Don Jazzy again) u have done it..managed to confuse me…seems it is only Nolimit that understands wat is going on..

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