Posted by: rethots | November 26, 2008


When you stand before a wall, HE becomes the door.



  1. Decode, decode, decode. Haba, not all posts are shrewded in mystery. This one, was simply a message i heard and felt to share.
    How if we will always look up to Him, even where ‘humanly’ there is no way; He will not just provide a way but, He will also be the Way.
    Furthermore, for all our labours (& sorrows), there shall always be joys in the morning.
    The only thing that reaps an instant harvest is a SMILE.

  2. Hmm…riddlies, riddles.
    Now to decode with another post.

  3. Noooo second!!!okay I’ll be back!!!

  4. UH? I am a bit lost.

  5. okay word!!! thot I could sense a testimony somewhere there!yeppp…weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning…
    How can you be first on your own blog…it is not legal in blogville…baroque and you should be charged to court!!!

  6. I love this…TOTALLY!!!!!!

  7. I see the order has been rearranged. Hehehe, helter skelter?

  8. ‘Tis amazing, the power of the tongue. Particularly when done with a heavy heart.

  9. HE – God? if so, he definitely becomes the the door in times of stagnancy and troubles….

    I like!

  10. …. and when u stand before the door? …..

    must there necessarily be a door? why cant it be a ladder? or wldnt it be more fun or more fulfilling jumping over the fence? ……

  11. HE : God?
    Always a waymaker when I face Walls.

    He: Man/Woman
    Sent as a door by God the way maker

  12. I need a door like yesterday…..

  13. always He does that……

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. yeah and when the door closes, a window opens. God always makes a way when there seems to be no way

  15. i am tryin to understand you……..lets see wat box comes out for me

  16. U cudnt have put that any better. God truly is AMAZING.

  17. I like this.

  18. WORD!


  19. when I stand before a WALL, HE becomes the door……very powerful rethots,

    so very powerful…..

    am leavin with this, thanx for sharin !

  20. I LOVE THIS! And to think that I need a door now more than ever. You are simply fantastic.
    Sie sind fantastich!

  21. Simple yet deep

    “When you stand before a wall, HE becomes the door.”

    The wall represents trials and tribulations. At times we go through them and it seems like it’s never ending. When we are on the verge of giving, God shows his faithfulness towards us by helping us scale through.

    The wall = Problems
    The Door = God the solution to your problems.

  22. simple yet an absolute truth,

    I see you’ve been busy on my blog, its been a long time since anyone has read any of my old stuff, as you can tell I have moved a few miles (not just steps) from who I was or where I was back then.

    Its a good thing that when I faced the wall, he opened a door, I walked thru and then he closed it firmly shut behind me, locked it and threw away the key. I needed that.

  23. God right?

  24. i cant see my comments…hope am not spamming…JEsus i hate wordpress

  25. ok..

  26. simple.deep.true

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