Posted by: rethots | November 19, 2008

…of friends.

So, tell me, what do you like most about your friends? Where exactly are you going or better still what do you want to know? Unlike you, this is a very direct question; “What do you like most about your friends?”
If you think i will give you epistle, forget it. But, let me see…….how am i going to answer this question oh???

Amongst many things, i will tell you a few:
1. When their advise (let’s call it opinion) on an issue is sought, even when ‘tis not taking though ‘twas seemingly right; they never turn their backs or mock their ‘rightness’.
2. The feeling of assurance that apart from Him (who by the way, is the most important) that you have ‘fallibles’ who always have (or better still watch) your back.
3. Or can you beat this:
Wow! I have burdened you with my issues this night.
Not at all, trust me; if I was feeling burdened, I would have told you straight up.



  1. just the friend i blogged about!

  2. This should be easy, Lets see:
    1. The fact that they are blunt, hard cold honest about everything to me.
    2. I can always count on them to annoyingly get me out of my mood swings.
    3. I can have an honest to God complain conversation and he’d give me an Honest to God response.

  3. what i like most about my friend? her sincerity and love. always there to listen to my rantings.

  4. Only a friend can tell you when your mouth stinks!!!
    I like the fact that I can be real with my friends without being judged and if I need to be chastised…there’s no way I’m escaping it…but of ‘cos we fight…but then we make up again and again…
    Only a friend knows where to hurt you the most too…why you ask? ‘cos you’ve exposed a part of you that will normally be covered to them…
    May God give us good friends…

  5. well,,,,,

    frds are the only ones generally let ur guards down knowin u wuld get told how it is,

    hey dude!

    howdy ?

  6. * are the only ones…..

  7. LOL..

    I love how my friends tell it like it is n still manage to be sensitive about it..

  8. …is that we can be friends!

  9. I love how my real friends care enough to tell me how it is, when it is….lol

  10. Friends, friends, friends.

    And check this out: there are different friends that are there for different seasons…no man can ever be an island!

  11. Only a friend can remove the boogie from your nose……eueeww…lol.

  12. dont have any in the real sense of the world. too cynical

  13. I have only one fiend I can trust. Thank God for her. My anchor in a horrible world!!!

  14. Friend!

  15. I do not believe in friends. Everyone’s just an a**hole at the end of the day. Except her.

  16. friends?

  17. hmmmmmmmm
    so true
    there is this quote by C.S. Lewis that comes to mind something along the lines of about friends

    Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

    have a blessed weekend

  18. I have few good friends. What I like about our relationship is that we can be real with each other, we encourage and advice each other, and we don’t judge each other.

  19. Like fg, my good friends are really really few and what i like most about them is that firstly we share the love for God, we can tell each other the truth and we can call each other anytime of the night or day and rant to each other about anything and then agree to pray together…
    We can tell each other the truth about anything and we’re always there for each other wherever we are…that for me is real friendshio

  20. They still put up with my shortcomings.

  21. different friends call for different ocassions..

    I think for is more of how much of a friend i have been.

    I like your number 3 on the list…i hardly tell my friends when i feel burdened with their wahala cuz i am not sure: how they will take it or if i am the one feeling selfish..hmm

  22. If I was feeling burdened, I would have told you straight up – HONESTY!!
    Now that’s one quality that’s the foundation of any ‘great’ friendship!!!

  23. Cant think sha. Wetin dey do me. I have a lot of things to about this friends stuff but. Dang!

  24. er…minds eye…two words!

  25. Tot i alredy dropd a comment.pathetic but my sis is my one true friend rite now.i have learnt d hard way dat diff friends hv dir own purposes n i hv learnt u nid friends if only 2 combat aloneliness-notice d a infrnt,even if u knw deep dwn dat dy r fair weather,d disaster wd b not hving d wisdom 2 know whc falls into whc category without any hard feelings

  26. their need to always give unsolicited advice

  27. did my comment submit?

  28. awww…how sweet…*raises glass*… 2 friends…

  29. They have your best interest at heart. The way you truly know is when they agree to do what you believe is right but end up doing what they believe is right for you. In the end…..their right is right.

  30. Hmmmm, my friends……. well i appreciate there honesty, i remember when they told me my then boyfriend was in their words ‘fake and weak’ we fought and i went a head and dated the guy………. worst heart break ever, it took me a year to recover! When i look back, i know i have been blessed with the best friends ever.

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