Posted by: rethots | November 10, 2008

…little steps

Why did you do it? Do what? Get pissed off? Oh, you didn’t see what she did? No, what did she do? ‘tis bad enough I don’t fancy it them using transparent bags to pack my stuffs when I buy things here that’s another story though but, she mumbled everything into the bag. Comm’n, sebi you drove down, so, it wouldn’t have been stress for you to carry it now. Now apparently you don’t get it, ‘tis not about the stress of carrying it but, the courtesy of doing it right. But, she might not have known. Don’t worry, she knew; and that was why she was smiling while trying to hand over the bag. Of course, I refused to collect it and told her to do the right thing; she complied without much fuss though she fumed with anger but then, what is mine with that? ‘tis called customer service. Moreover, that (doing it right) is what she is been paid for.

Kai, your wahala is plenty sha. …and until we all learn and keep up with this wahala, the journey will forever seem long and probably unattainable. Don’t you get it, ‘tis high-time we stopped tolerating ineptitude from our leaders, and before you say she ain’t a leader; I shall tell you, we all are leaders in our own right. Little drops of water always make a mighty ocean.





  1. I wanna be 1st 😦 so glad I found the blog..I feel like im let into some top secret lol..nice illustration n point taken 🙂

  2. Qstn, why couldnt she just do the right thing??? If it was me, she definitely wld have heard my voice…to the point now, how do we show our intolerance for ineptitude from our leaders?…& lil drops of water can surely lead to an ocean but might never ever make it

  3. point taken… now am getting used to your writing. little drops of water make the mighty ocean pretty much says it all because if we can’t b ryt in d little things, hw much mre in the bigger things


  4. Parables?

  5. I love this…it is the little things we do every single day that determine how we will improve as a whole Nation. Every man or woman is a leader in their own right…

  6. Knowing supermarket/shop/ pay the poor girl probably doesnt get paid enough to pack anything correctly

  7. this is a second post from you i am reading on customer service…i can understand it is a big deal..cuz i also expect better from all these service people..

    we shall get there one day..hopefully

  8. na wah o.u seem very strict sha

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