Posted by: rethots | November 4, 2008

…’tis about thinking 04

  1. Results, of my charter exams are out and i passed.
  2. Older, 5 days back the race to ** ended. I am scorpio, and ’twas a double celebration.
  3. Resuscitated,  personal projects  long forgotten come alive  again.
  4. Design,  resolved my latest project’s design intrigues.
  5. New, ’tis November and alive to see it.
  6. Aisle, a friend takes the vow in December.
  7. Impromptu, called my friends in less than an hour for a birthday get-together and they all showed up.
  8. Progress, the successful journey always starts with small but, consistent steps.
  9. Mis-interpretation, does not change who we are or our essence.
  10. Rest, the liberty to go to bed when i choose. Off to sleep.


  1. Happy belated birthday…let of guess 30 right?…the race 2 get there is over… I hope u enjoy this new chapter in life…it was good that u celebrated it

  2. Congrats on your chartership 2

  3. Happy belated birthday!!and congrats on passing and resuscitating forgotten projects..way to go!!xoxo

  4. Congratulations ARC Rethots!

    Happy belated birthday as well..

    Wishing you the very best!

  5. Congrats oh! And thank God…


  7. Congrats, to you, Obama and of course me. for being blacks…

  8. Congratuations, man!!!
    To you and Obama…

  9. i was too busy buying some liq for my day i forgot to drop a line last thurs…hope u got them impromptuz drunk like i did mine…Happy Buffday n arrearz you…meanwhile, i like you lazy concise post…very stealable…LOL

  10. Happy birthday to u. ‘The race to ** is ended’ Likewise the race to 44. Congratulations to you and America. May this mark the beginning of your greatness.

  11. That you could do something such as a get-together, on an impromptu schedule is worth thanking God for. Some people don’t have people who will show up like that to celebrate a great thing…

    Progress, I’m learning each day that the lessons of life are in the “journey” and not in the “destination.” So I try to smile and conquer each step, one step at a time…I’m thankful for progress to.

    Thank God also for your old projects that came alive again…

    Infact, I like ur list…

  12. Congrats on your bday and on passing your exam.

    I love this quote “Mis-interpretation, does not change who we are or our essence.”

  13. …happy belated scorpio!!!!…and congrats on passing your exams…i too loved this one: ‘mis-interpretation does not change who we are or our essence’…so true and what i needed to hear today…thanks…

  14. happy belated 🙂

  15. congrats on you passing your exam sweetheart

    i hope you are well

    and its nice to see you are a water sign like me

  16. sorry about the sweetheart thing lol

    i though you were someone else

  17. Update please.

  18. Congratulations! Where the party @???

    Happy belated birthday..musta been fun sharin it with ur friends..

    When are YOU walkin down the aisle? Lol

  19. “Impromptu, called my friends in less than an hour for a birthday get-together and they all showed up.”

    I liked this a lot. it’s either you give great parties or you are a darn good friend. I choose to think the latter.

    Belated birthday wishes to you!

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