Posted by: rethots | October 23, 2008

Playing with Fire

Hey, ‘ssup? Morning. Come, se you know if you did not tell me you have a ‘boyfriend’ i would not be taking this route to work? What do you mean? Well, that if you were single, i would have gone back to taking 3rd Mainland when they re-opened it and you would have had to walk down to the bus-stop and i would have equally dropped you at Obalende for you to find your way to your office. Rather than taking Western Avenue in which case i pass infront of your house as well as infornt of your office. Ehen, and why is that? If you were single, i would not want you to misunderstand the gesture moreover, it cost me nothing to take Western maybe an additional 10-15minutes. That is too smooth an answer, tell me a story. A story you want, a story you will get.


Mid 2004 was introduced to a babe (oops, lady) and we exchanged numbers. We met again during the same week in the passing and have never seen then. So, what? Young woman abi, is it lady, which one you say i should call you? Sebi, you want a story, ….patience is virtue.


Back then, hmmm, still do now used to send off-hand text messages to friends on my phone list. However, when i don’t have enough credit to send to ’em all, what determines who i send to is those that occasionally responded fair enough. She seemed to always make the list. Mind you, those text messages were not personal in anyway oh…………..before you allow your mind to run wild. Early 2006 she sent a text that she was off for Youth Service far away in Adamawa and would like to know if time and distance dampens friendship. Now if you know me, you don’t dare me on nurturing friendships which eventually, is a matter of choice anyway. Replied, though not with my phone, that she should go have fun. She called to know who ’twas…………and thus began our verbal communication……till early 2007 when, she cut the phone on me and sent a text never to call her again since she’s not my girlfriend. Sorry!!! Thot some about it…………could not make sense of it and forgot it.


Sometimes later, thot to me, the world is so large; i have not finished making friends the world-over how can i afford to lose the ones i have? Called her to find out what happened and apologise for ‘any’ wrong doing actually, mis-interpretation of a salutation. She accepted but, the deed was done; hence, full-stop. Other matters beacon…….


Is that all? How does it relate to anything now? Woman, hold your peace. Let me finish now. You are too much in haste. We have almost got to my office now. Then you follow me to mine. As long as you will bring me back. Do i look like your chauffeur. Whatever…………just finish. Ok. Breath in.


Anyway, our mutual friend ran into her not to long ago…….and she told him i called endlessly without making a move sorry? and there was ‘some guy’ interested but, she didn’t want to agree ‘cos she thot i was going to make a move. Moreover, she didn’t want to feel she was double dating. Her reason for asking me to stop calling her so, she can concentrate on ‘some guy’ without guilty thots. Fair enough. But, come you too why didn’t you make a move? Well, in all honesty, the thot crossed my mind but, ’tis not something i would choose to do on phone, that won’t be honourable. Moreover, we had only met once as it were. Thot maybe when we met again but, we never did. You know the funny thing, she said though she didn’t know you, she was willing to take the chance, not with the way you called and the depth of you guys discourse. Well, such is life.


Ok noted. So, you now understand why i won’t take this route if you were single? Don’t worry, i think i understand you. Good. You know, you are the second most beautiful girl i know. Well, to my boyfriend i am the most beautiful girl. As you like it. Let me tell you something. What?


You are like not because you are the fairest rather you become the fairest because you are liked.









  1. na wa for u…… so tory
    whey person must go on break to digest

    cant u write plain simple engleesh????


    so y u bother say she no talk
    if u were really interested u would have found a way to see so u can talk……………….

  2. Hmmnn, very interesting…I guess you have a point there…but you also need to understand that a gal has got to guard her heart with all diligence…having said that,we often miss out on good platonic relationships…just because we don’t want to get burnt…ooohh well as you rightly said…c’est la vie

  3. Wow, that last part is beautiful…it always give me hope, that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” idea.

    Man/woman relationships are so complicated. Your reasons for not making a move make perfect sense, yet I can also see her point of view. To be honest, if she had asked me if I thought you liked her (you know how women like to talk about these things), I would have probably guessed “yes”, simply because you were consistent with your calls to her.

    I think she should have told you the true reason for cutting off the friendship, and I commend you for calling her to find out (though you didn’t get the whole story until later).

  4. LOLLLLLLL…I really really enjoyed this post. *Sigh*

    “You are liked, not because you are the fairest, rather you become the fairest because you are liked.”

    Interesting phrase…and very true. The guy in context shouldn’t act though based on the results of a previous encounter…i.e. false impressions are going to be created, whether we like it or not…so there’s no need to take 3rd mainland bridge if the lady was single…I would rather the two friends state the confines and barriers of their friendship, openly…(instead of keeping information in their minds)… (my take).

    How is your week going? Beautiful, I hope…

  5. interesting last paragraph. thnx for stopping by my blog…

  6. “You are like not because you are the fairest rather you become the fairest because you are liked.”

    True talk.

    u 4 ask d babe out, u know how ladies are.

  7. Okay, I started reading, but, I’ve been up since 3 am and well, my eyes are fatigued. Sorry.

    So, how you dey? Stop by when you have a minute and learn more about the Nigerian blogger arrested by the SSS.

    God bless.

  8. Rethots, I hate having to type my name and email add everytime i come here, why oh why cant i just leave a comment and wordpress automatically know that its Miss DM. I hate the email thingy coz my email is my full name and surname so pooof will go my anonynmity (so i always use a fake email sorry)… enough ranting……you should have asked the girl out, i hate it when men leave women in limbo, like does he like me or doesnt he like me, dangling romance at the end of a string and just holding the string slightly out of reach….okay am still ranting lol

  9. *sighs*..we females cud be such complex beings sometimes..

    one question tho..why didnt u make a ‘move’? u werent feelin her THAT way??

  10. Ehmm…thank goodness am not the only one that found it difficult to understand your writing. Strangely though I enjoyed it enormously. Me thinks the babe was right to ask u not to call…una men too dey distract women.

  11. Guys too dey form long thing… lol

  12. We girls can be silly like that…we expect any guy that is nice to us to ask us out…

  13. smh.. hehehe .. lol…

  14. just reat ur blog cos another blogger was crushing hehehe do u really ve to write in such a way that rethote devil and rethots angel are discussing with each other on ur shoulder?lol i think d girl was just being a gurl in a silly way..i like to think if a guy hasnt declared undying love dont second guess him!sure he might need a lil encouragement but sometimes it helps to avoid the comedy of errors.

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