Posted by: rethots | October 21, 2008

…’tis about thinking -02

  1. Journey mercies, went to & from Ilorin today.
  2. Health, dad was ill but, is much better now.
  3. Hope, gone to far to give up.
  4. Hitch, an hindered friendship restored.
  5. Friends, whoelse will watch your back.
  6. Assurance, joy may endure for the night but, joy comes with the morning.
  7. Responsibility, okay no problem, do what you have to do.
  8. Milestone, soon, very soon.
  9. Blogville, whoa! even virtual friends watch your back.
  10. Life, another week has gone by, Thank You Lord.


  1. yes! he is back to give thanks 🙂

    good to read about the restored friendship.

    have a good evening.

  2. This is great! Glad your dad is feeling much better and that your travel was safe!

  3. Yeah, I watch your back 😉

    That’s good news about your dad.

  4. Awwww…so sweet…especially 2 and 4…

  5. The one out of your list I’m most thankful for is this: Hope, gone too far to give up!

  6. gone to far to give up. I can totally relate. Thank God ur dad is better.

  7. aww thank God ur dad is better..

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