Posted by: rethots | October 14, 2008

…’tis about thinking.

“Hmm all you people that are tempted or saying you will start a thankful series…i am watching you….” Well, come to think of it, ’tis quite a tall order oh. What? What do you mean ’tis a tall order? You mean you cannot find JUST Ten Things to Thank Me for in a week? Have you forgotten that saying, Eni ba mo inu ro, a mope da – He who knows how to think will know how to give thanks.” Very true.

  1. Grace, simply unmerited favour.
  2. Review, take home increased by 50%, whoa!
  3. Highways, drive on them now; laziness bid me not before.
  4. Friends, one said; “i respect your decision, just know i will always have your back.”
  5. Charter, did my professional exams; oops, almost thot will not be able.
  6. Career, finally my dream project moves to site.
  7. Opportunities, are you sure you do not want to come to the bank; we still need guys. No, thanks.
  8. Choice, took off my afro without apologies to no one. *winks*, hope it counts.
  9. Parents, even if i pray not, they never cease.
  10. Siblings, you always disagree to ‘re’agree; the centre must always hold.

Whoa!!! i did it. You see, I told you you could do it if you just think. Till next week abi? At least, now you will always take note of those little things usually taken for granted.

Hey why Tuesday and not maybe Friday or even Sunday? Well, a simple way to acknowledge Aloted whose idea is being replicated.



  1. And the aloted babe sef hasn’t posted her own 10 things so you beat her to it!

    Congrats on #2, and on easily having 10 things to be thankful for!

  2. shu! lol..i see u are quoting me somewhere up there… tripped…

    @ jummy abeg o…i have already put disclaimer on my blog that i won’t always put up a ten things tuesday…so this week i am simply thanking God in my head!!! but watch out for next week 😉

    @ rethots congrats on being chartered o..nice one and for the raise in salary…where we go wash am.

    oh another thing for the record, ten things Tuesday isn’t my idea. i got it from

    i think am going to add this link to all my ten things tuesday.

    ok this is becoming a loooong comment now. ta!

  3. i am thankful for the gift of life and love.

    i am thankful for bloggers like you 🙂

  4. nice one. I thank God for His Grace in ur life.

  5. So many things to thank God for….

    – I am thankful for health in my body, just got healed of one without drugs :))
    – I am thankful for knowing God, how much more difficult and lonely life would have been without him
    – I am thankful for safety on the highways… yeah!
    – And so on and so forth.

    Thanks for rethots for listing up to 10. I need to remember i’m on ur blog. 🙂


  6. Ooohhhh…wonderful reasons to give thanks. Congratulations on your Charter Exam, your dream project, and more opportunities every day. 🙂

  7. Am grateful for each new day of my life , for with each new day comes an opportunity to make ammends, start aain, right wrongs, and be a better person.

  8. mehnnn. Aloted has been getting serious props from all over blogville. Well, let me add my own props. Go ‘head girl!

    This was a nice post. I am feeling thankful for a lot of things!

    How are ya?

  9. I just realized that we dont have to think so hard to get 10 things…

    I might have to just do my 10 things “some”day. I’m sure I will also have a line to thank Aloted 🙂

    Congrats on your achievements…God is indeed faithful.

  10. So many things to be grateful for. Cheers.

  11. You know, in the morning for exactly 10 minutes, I do some thinking. It really is all about thinking, and if one can cultivate that habit it will help immensly. We spend more time planning vacations than we do thinking in life. Good one. So whats the password to the previous post? Shoot me email

  12. Like the way wrote this.
    Finding a reson to thank in something that seems to be no reason.

  13. Bros, another Tuesday is here o..where is your list 😉

    Meanwhile, you’ve received the “I love your blog” award. Please check my blog for more details

  14. i like the humor u put in thankin God on ur behalf o..

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