Posted by: rethots | October 11, 2008

The Storm is Over….

Haha, you look so relaxed today……or is it fulfilled, content. Tell us about it. There is nothing to tell and stop looking at me like that. Abi, you guys have finally sorted your issues out. Well, yes but, is it sorted or accepted? Hmmm, ‘twas pretty obvious; we must celebrate it. When is the invite coming out? In your dreams…… You should learn to stop speaking in parables oh. Who does? You, who else? Whatever……

Okay, oya talk to us. You remember this incidence; So David arose from the ground, washed and anointed himself, and changed his clothes; and he went into the house of the Lord and worshipped. …….they set food before him, and he ate. What has that got to do with anything? I will tell you, you see when you get a mail like this from her whom you love… Thanks for your mail. See you broke your “pledge of silence” anyway, I think the most important thing is that it’s not the end of the world. Even if we are not dating or going out (or whatever term one wants to use) we can still look out for each other’s welfare right? Have a lovely day dear. ….you know the child is dead.

Congratulations, you have finally succeeded in convincing (oops, confusing) us. Which child died? You make it sound like I speak in Latin. Ok, ‘tis over or better still, I accepted. What, what do you mean? That after it all, but, you loved her now. You mean all our encouragements et al was in vain. Well, not necessarily but, more importantly that (encouragement) is why you are my friends. What was the reason she gave? You see sometimes once the child dies, it matters not the ailment.



  1. LOL@you confusing your pals.

    The email is uhmm, is cold the word?

    It’s all good…

  2. yeah cold is d only word. eeyah. ‘when d child dies, it matters not the ailment” thats true sha

  3. The strom is confusingly over. Thanks for the msg on my blog. Are we talking abt the same twin sha? It was one of them that passed and in ur reply I thot u said thier souls. Yeah confusion

  4. …Convincingly confused!

    Once the child dies, it matters not the ailment… like David, you just move on, God’s Will will always be done, not matter what we do to avoid it…

    It is well!

  5. I no know book o. Clueless, I am.

  6. @naijalines i am with u on this one o..clueless i am, also.. everyone else seems to get it apart from me and

    @rethots- how now?

  7. I’m with aloted and Naijalines 🙂

  8. Congrats; The storm is over. Lets talk about this in details at lunch.

  9. Don’t know what exactly this is about. sounds to me like a relationship that just ended. Dunno if the relationship was romantic or not…

    okay before i go off on a tangent… This might be out of context but i do think we should learn all we can about the ailment that killed the child oh! So if our next child starts showing symptoms it would be easy for us to recognise it and cure it – sharp sharp.

  10. I guess there’s more to this…lemme guess who did you break up with?…what happened? how did it happen? hope you’re okay though…take it easy o!!!

  11. I like this…

    We can apply the way David reacted to his son’s death to many things in life…

    In other words, if it’s not God’s will, there’s no need to spend ample time crying over spilled milk.

  12. I like what Poetically Tinted said about learning about the ailments of the child…for the future. Very wisely spoken…

  13. my understanding of the last line is ‘the effect does not matter because the affect has occurred’… but like jaycee and poetically tinted suggested…the cause matters… causality is key… Aristotle once wrote, “All causes are beginnings”…you have only told us of the end…and how you dealt with it i.e. by quoting the passage about david (I’m pretty sure it is usually used to symbolise how best to handle disappointments)

    How can you grow through your choices and if you don’t understand why you ended up sad in a particular situation! You cannot!

    I’m sure you know why already but I get that you didn’t want to talk about it…hence ‘it matters not…’

    hmmm…i might be wrong but something tells me that it does matter 2 you…

    take heart rethots

  14. so she left you?


  15. ibiluv i’m with u!

    The child has died.


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