Posted by: rethots | September 23, 2008

Allure of Friendship

What smooth excuse could he have told his friends (of which………….they can pick out the ‘untruths’ from his dialogue, unlike many others) that ma’am could not come? Ouch! ‘twould have marred the day (oh, not for the guys but ’em ladies) and we cannot afford to begin what should eventually be a timeless union that way. No way, he thot (Zion thot otherwise, db & Two Dees……….other opinions they might have). Short of which, ‘cover your backside’ a common phrase (a defense that can easily be shredded but……) though’ flimsy, he called Zion twice (very early) that morning (what he planned to concoct, he knew not until Zion answered) but, after two rings and no response he rested his effort (unacceptable, he knew).


Push will always come to shove (‘tmight just take a while). Saturday was it, he tried explaining (really did, not sure how he sounded though) but, Zion replied that he suspected. At that moment, it dawned…………”friendship is not bought, ’tis earned“. Anyways, the matter is rested, Zion informed ’twas a very worthwhile trip (the aim) and more shall surely happen in the morrows.


At some point, ’twas thot Two Dees would be the last man standing (oops, he rephrases, was seemingly the last man standing) but, he says no, not anymore…………….


…..don’t worry about it too much, you have more than earned whatever needed earning……yeah it was a fun trip, but I envision there will be more like it in the future so till then….by the way, my apologies for not even contacting you about why you couldn’t make it afterwards. For better or for worse (as you probably have gotten an idea already…) I have been smitten with other issues and have had less time for the things I used to have time for……As I repeatedly admitted to db and Zion while trying to explain myself, Paul was truly right when he said “…..He who has a wife, cares for the things of his wife and how he may please her…”. I finally get it.

See you in a few weeks!

p.s. how did NIA exam go? You have taken it abi?



  1. …of 4 friends.

  2. Ok, this post confused me oh…cant seem to follow..

  3. Hiya,
    You’ve been given an award, check my blog for more details

  4. Say it again and again…”friendship is not bought, ’tis earned”…

    But, it seems there is more to this post than is being said…is there a part 2 or a further explanation? A lot was left to my imagination 🙂

  5. the only thing i got from here was friendship is not bought, ’tis earned”… which makes sense to me.

    the whole post sounds like a coded post to someone in particular?…cuz me i dont understand

    how u doing?

  6. Thanks for the explanation…now the post is clear…but pls dont leave us in suspense like that 🙂

  7. I am so confused, but I get someone is not coming to a party that would have been nice to have them there, Its a reunion everyone coming to “show off” I dunno. BUt yes friendship is earned.

  8. yep..was a tad bit confused

    hope u r good anywayz??

  9. that is so important

    friendships can never be neglected

  10. friendship is earned. But what else is my hazy mind missing? Ah, if only i could read between the lines…

    Hope all is well with you and yours, my broda.

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