Posted by: rethots | September 19, 2008

The Silent Years

I have worked with different bosses for the past four years now and over this period of time, I have been privileged to work directly and/or indirectly with a lazy boss, slimy boss, calm boss, overactive boss, thrift boss, extravagant boss, brilliant boss and their characteristic go on and on…However, I have learnt diverse lessons from each one of these bosses

During my working relationship with each of the bosses, I attempt to study their life journey (I think this is partly to satisfy my curious nature) and based on my studies done so far, I have been able to make conscious decisions on some things I have vowed never to do and/or become and I have also committed myself to develop some critical habits that I have experienced in my interaction with these bosses.

In studying these men/women, I pay very careful attention to the successful ones and I adopt a present-to-past approach to carry out the study. In order to feed my curiosity but avoid nosing around unnecessarily, I gather details a little here, a little there from comments, personal conversations held with me, and hmmm, I also turn to my famous detective move by making use of one of the most effective research tool of the 21st century …GOOGLE! I run their names on google to see if can get lucky to know about the schools they attended, their marriage and relatives and past responsibilities.

While studying my bosses’ life journey, I have been consistently hit with one major truth, which is the fact that they have not always been what I, other associates, our contractors, clients and every other person are seeing in the present. They have passed through a phase in their lives where they were obscure and non-desirable in their form at the time and some of them have even been jobless and penniless graduates.

Those were the days when no one knew their names and people were not interested in knowing who they were. I have called this peculiar period of their lives the ‘Silent Years’.

From burying my head in motivational books and listening to preachers and motivational speakers, I have been able to deduce that the silent events in these Silent Years have to a very large extent formed what my successful bosses have become in this present. They held on to their conviction of their business and idea and waited patiently in hope until time and chance happened to them. Just like the saying of one wise man, nothing can stop a great idea whose time has come.

With this faith, I offer myself an encouragement in these silent years of mine, I may not be presently desired or sought by many, I may not have the right amount of money to hold family and friends spellbound, I may not be dining with the high and mighty of the world, but I will keep being consistent, working smarter at achieving my goals and I know that ONE day, time and chance will come my way, I will be ready for it and nothing will be able to stop me nor my ideas.



Lailai, this definitely cannot be you; while the thot may pass ‘tis not your writing. Bien, you are very correct. I read the post way back on

and since then, the depth of the writing has refused to die in my thots. You know, until we realise as individuals that no one (and or position) can define our essence, run (without achivements or satisfaction) we shall continue in the rat-race.



  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So true
    people look at highly successful individuals and always think they were somehow born with a silver spoon in thier mouths. Nothing is impossible if you work hard and do your research well.

  3. Very true…When we look at the successful people, we forget they passed through years of hardwork, job seeking, etc.

    I really appreciate the silent years. Those are the most important years in our lives.

  4. yep, so true..its what happens in those Silent Years that result in what happens in the future..

  5. I was glad I read this

  6. I am indeed encouraged!!!

    Thank you sir!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this. I for one was thrown off because the writing style is a far cry from yours, but thanks for the explanation.

    Take care!

  8. you know i was going to say this doesn’t sound like rethots…lol

    i am so glad u shared this cuz i am already getting discouraged in my business that i just started but i guess i have to pass thru the silent years patiently…

    enjoy ur weekend!

  9. lmao @ your disclaimer..

    I too have learnt from my ex boses, even the gay petty one…There is always a lesson…

  10. hmmm….
    yup i have taken leaves of knowledge from former bosses

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