Posted by: rethots | September 1, 2008

Choice of Words

Please help me to draft letter of resignation. I want to submit one in my office. Ehen, so why are you telling me. Do I look like a mercenary for writing resignation letters? Sebi, you have written before. What? Did you drink something? You make it sound as if I change jobs at the snap of my fingers. Ok, what of when you left your former office for your present one? For your information that is about the only time I have changed jobs. Moreover, I did not resign my employment. Trust you to always add a new angle to it. So what did you do?

After working there 6months before my Youth Service, my then boss said I should feel free to come back after if I so wished. On finishing, since I did not get what I wanted in particular, I took my rain check offer. Only, the boss decided to play a smart one; placing me on 6months probation. Even after reminding him that I had worked there for 6months before. So, what did you do? Simple, I played him back a fair coin. After 6months, I knew I just could not continue moreover, I had got what I wanted. So, I put in my letter. But, you said you did not write resignation letter now? Of course, I did not. I simply wrote a letter of “None Confirmation of Employment”, sebi, he put me on 6months probation to ascertain whether I fitted in the firm? ‘Twas also my time to assess the firm whether they could offer the career I wanted. They could not, so, rather than give them the disillusion of offering me an employment; I eased their stress by doing them a letter of none confirmation. Capish! You are just a rebel.

Me, rebel??? In that case, let me tell you another one. When I was leaving for Youth Service, the boss said I should write resignation letter. Ehen and you said you have not written one before. Did I tell you I wrote it? So, what did you do? I told him I could not write. Why? He naturally asked. You did not give me an Employment Letter. But, others write when they are leaving now. Well, I am not others……





  1. wow…my head is spinning…but i get the fact that you no help am write resignation letter!

  2. rethots you don’t strike me as a rebel

  3. Proper rebel ni rethot jo!
    Still laffing at the “letter of non confirmation of appt”…hee hee hee nicE! some employers deserve that!

  4. lol at letter of none confirmation of appointment…..

    u sha no wan help the dude

    give him me email
    i fit help am…….lmbao!!!!!!!!!

  5. rethots the no-resignation writing rebel. lol!!!

  6. Lmao…u certainly r not others rethots…you are one in a million…

  7. You are one hilarious fellow!

    I wonder how your firm will be when you start one..u better surround yourself with like-minded, straight forward people…they wont drive you over the edge, you will…

    *Shivers* ‘Oga don enter office o’…lol

  8. lol @ enigma…I can also imagine what it will be like working for him…

    I imagine you as very straight laced….not bending to the rules and not seeing the need to be nice just for the sake of it…

  9. hehehe…kai..did u study law or something..

    hehehe u r just a case! but i feel u jare!

  10. Lolll…our choice of words are really important, since they can be tweaked here and there!

  11. this makes a lot of sense. I never knew one could write a letter of none confirmation. Good invention

  12. letter of non-confirmation of! thats the funniest thing ive ever heard!

  13. lol, a gentle rebel

  14. haha, nice one. I don’t know if i can or cannot wait till the day i have to write a resignation letter. Is it a nice feeling? Well you wouldn’t know, would you 😉

  15. Broda mi, how now?


  16. LMOA!!!This was good, liked the letter of non-confirmation..classic..hmmm i think re-thots is the one who wrote that letter of…

  17. hehehhehe

    heeelaarrious convo,

    u still didnt help him sha!


  18. LOL @ “You did not give me an Employment Letter.”

    You are so funny eh…

  19. bobo, this is ridiculous. Comeon, update joh!

  20. how are you, rethots? I like the coin you paid him back in…

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