Posted by: rethots | August 20, 2008

…went forth

Hmmm please you will help me to check-in a bag on our way back. Why? You see, that my friend we saw yesterday has excess luggage so, she brought a bag for me to help her take. So, ‘tis me you are certain will not have much luggage? So? I am going to have 3bags and my hand luggage and they only allow 2bags. Who told you? If you don’t exceed the maximum per person it does not matter how many bags you have. Well, that is what she told me, that they only allow 2bags and a hand luggage per person. Hmmm, that is pretty weird to me sha oh, but, let us even get to the airport first. This guy, ‘tis me you want to be liable for possible trouble abi? Don’t worry a fool-proof way I will find not to be responsible for carrying your presumed excess luggage. Me, carry somebody else’s bag? No way.


Put your bag on the trolley now. ‘tis not necessary, I will just wheel it along. No oh, how can I allow my oga to be carrying load? Smart one, we will end up checking in together. Just pray the combine luggage do not exceed….

Excuse me, please can you guys help us check in these bags, since you only have hand luggage? We have checked in. It does not matter; you can still check them in for us. Sorry, we cannot help you. Kai, is it my afro (oops, I just unveiled my identity) abi, do I look like a mugu? No problem, if you guys cannot help us. Tough luck. Why are you explaining to them that we have checked in? Oh, because you are helping your friend to carry her excess luggage abi? Now let me tell you something, you don’t ever collect any luggage from anybody at the airport. ‘tis that simple. You see if your friend had asked me to help her bring her excess luggage back, I would have told her no. Why? What does she have in her excess luggage? Goods she wants to go and sell with possibilities of making profits in excess of 500%. I have no problem with the profit she is going to make, that is why she is a businesswoman anyway. However, I have every problem with her not wanting to pay for services rendered her. But, more importantly, you don’t courier people’s (more especially strangers) luggage, that is the easiest way to be a very important guest of NDLEA.


When we (individually) decide to be RESPONSIBLE for our ACTS (& actions) then, we will realize that such thing as ‘the Government is bad’ does not exist.


What are you still doing indoors, you mean you went all the way to Dubai to browse? Hmmm, didn’t realise I supposed to be walking up and down the streets 24/7? But,….. But me no but my friend, have fun.

What are you doing in blogsville? …….thot, you were in Dubai. Ehen, so during leave one should shut down even the virtual world? Noted, my dear friend.

Hey, so how was your trip? You see first thing I noticed was that they have two ‘weather’ conditions. Outside is hot (not necessarily sunny but, the air is hot) and inside (at least all the buildings I entered) is cool (as in air-conditioned). But, I did not find what I was looking for. Pray tell, what were you looking for? People with two heads on their shoulders. You are simply mischievous. I am serious oh. You see, Dubai can easily pass for one of the fastest developing Cities in the world. This you can attribute to the vision of one man (their ruler –the Sheik), who wants to make sure that by the time their (crude) oil finishes (the myth is that their oil is going to dry-up after a definite period of time); they (the country) are self-sustaining. But, more importantly, what fascinated me the most was that the people ACCEPTED and were COMMITTED to the works (be it blue or white-collared) they do.


‘twas an experience that confirms that nothing is totally impossible , once the WILL is there.


Solomonsydelle, thus goes my Nigerian Revolution Meme. Thank you for inviting me to share my ideas on how Nigerians can create change.


  1. what are you doing in blogsville?…thought you were in dubai…

    ‘Ehen, so during leave one should shut down even the virtual world?’

    Yes rethots…’Tis altogether vain to learn wisdom, and yet live foolishly’

    Glad to see that:
    -you enjoyed Dubai
    -didn’t want to take on somebody else’s wahala at the airport…’Tis written, “What’s not your own, that let alone.”…’
    -you had the courage to say no…you are no mugu for knowing that ‘Tis best woo where a man can see the smoke. ‘
    -you learnt that ‘nothing is totally impossible, once the WILL is there’

  2. Welcome back

  3. All those business women in 9ja are fond of asking pple to carry stuff for them at the airport. Even if I have no luggage to check-in I won’t help them.

    ‘the Government is bad’ does not exist.
    I agree.

    Hope u enjoyed your leave?

  4. Yeah, thats the number one lesson. I’ve had people ask me to do that too.
    Hope you had mad fun in Dubai

  5. as everyone said – you dont take a strangers luggage!! Hope u enjoying urself or are u back??

  6. Lol @ the extra luggae thingy..I always refuse to carry as well…it’s a different ball game if u bring stuff to my house where I can check it well before packing it..

    Have fun in dubai but don’t ignore us here…

  7. Dubai! that’s where u were huhn? is there no internet there ni that u couldnt update?lol

    welcome back. Dubai is def one of my must visits very soon! how dey go dey go?

    NEVER carry luggage for people, not even an envelope according to my father! so, nothing do u jare.

  8. whats a mugu lol

    you know the bin laden family does a lot of work on those luxurious hotels and casinos in dubai

    strangely enough they also do a lot of work in my hometown in baltimore maryland in the states

    and i dont know for sure whether the oil of the earth is really drying up

    but i do know that the powwer to control those resources shouldnt be in the hands of a small number of people

  9. People ask for too much sometimes. They forget you have your own business to look after when going out of town.

    Dont they say the world is a global village all because of the internet. Being in Dubai shouldn’t stop you from blogging jare. Am doing the same. Enjoy yourself!

  10. I cracked up at 500% profit…

  11. Goverment is bad is always a way to put aside our own lack of responsbility

  12. hope u enjoyed dubai..:)

    ah me i cant help anyone carry load o..wat if na cocaine dey inside the bag???

  13. dubai, i really wanna go shopping there. bags and shoes and bags and shoes and maybe some fabrics.

    carry load for person i don’t know?

  14. “twas an experience that confirms that nothing is totally impossible , once the WILL is there.”

    Try to tell myself this everyday but not its working yet.

  15. dubai…………….gonna pay that place a visit sooonnnnnn………

    load for person….woman whey ask me that favour during my uk trip when i was 7 sef i ignored her………….i too remember…that bangkok film….who remembers the name????

  16. Update o! You never leave Dubai?

  17. i like they way you write……simple

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