Posted by: rethots | July 29, 2008

…time off

Wait, wait, on a Monday morning you stroll into the office late, wearing jeans (a Friday wear for you), a pair of sandals (you don’t even wear on Fridays) and flying your shirt which you never do. I don’t get it. Oh, in case you don’t know, ‘m on leave. Ehen, so, what brings you to the office? I came to write my handover note. That is quite unbelievable; you could have done that on Friday now. Afterall, you took you time to actually clear your table. I know, only I have a perfect excuse not to. Management gave me an impromptu work, that Friday. Whatever…..


Hey, ‘ssup? I dey oh. Have you finished your report? At all, I have been quite busy and ‘NEPA’ is not making things any easier. You nko? I am almost through. How is work though? I am resuming in my new office on Monday. That is good, when are we washing it? As for me, I am on leave. Ehen, I envy you oh. How long? Three weeks. At a once? Yes now. No oh, bit by bit ni. Se you know me I have always said that your former office is a factory? My office is not like yours that they give you your leave one week at a time.


When are you starting your leave? …..but, ‘tis just 3weeks, wish ‘twas 4weeks like yours. See your mouth like 4weeks, sebi in December when you guys take another 3-4weeks (in the name of Construction Break) we we go to work. Ehen, but……….. You better but no but and be quite.


Uncle …thots kai, ‘tis Monday. I have not performed my ‘uncly’ duties since last Wednesday. Not to worry I will come tell my niece Happy Birthday specially, how are you? I am fine oh, you nko? Well, quite unusual we have not seen you in a while. Was actually at your place yesterday but, you people were not in. Anyway,………how you been sha? Cool, started my leave today. Haha, so what are you doing? …should go to Dubai. I envy you oh. ‘tis my office that is sponsoring it oh. I love that your office.


This man, your office is sponsoring your leave and you are refused to collect car loan from them? Ha, look at you…………….don’t you know there is a big difference between selling me loan and sponsoring my leave?


I go forth…….



  1. Proudly 1st!

  2. Yes o, there is a big diff btw selling you a loan and sponsoring ur leave.

    Enjoy you leave, n come back with gist.

  3. Enjoy your leave!

  4. Ohhh nooo! was gunning for the first Position!
    Enjoy your leave o! like I said! SWITCH YOUR PHONE OFF!

  5. hmmm…rethots…you know that this is another story about time…albeit time off!!!

  6. enjoy ur leave o..and come back with goodies and gist 🙂

  7. Have fun…

  8. Enjoy your leave ohh. And rest well….

  9. make sure u rest enuf btw having fun o.


  10. Have fun..remember what I said…our deal?

  11. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 1st time here and i envy u already. right now i wish 4 nothing more than a holiday. awww it’ll be nice to av one.

    anywayz. enjoy every bit of it. av fun…

  13. Just enjoy yourself

  14. enjoying your time off?

  15. you gotta do what you gotta do

    dont you just love uncles lol

  16. Enjoy yourself. Thanks for stopping by mine. ‘Look 4wd to some gist when u r back.

  17. how’s the holiday going? Stay blessed, my brotha.

  18. …oh…time off abi?…enjoy o!!…its been a long time no?…i’ve missed this your writing style…

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