Posted by: rethots | June 25, 2008

Not a favour but, Your job!

Hey ‘ssup? How far? Se you know you’re a debitor? Ehen, why? Well, they said you have to pay for your annual dues (’07) for Associates. If not they won’t collect your exam forms. Ok, how much? Please help me to pay now. You think i pluck money from trees? Abeg jo, sebi you are my friend? You this guy…… do you do it? Do what? Ha, don’t worry, i’ll help pay it but, ’twill have to be on Monday. No problem, Thanks.


How was your weekend? Have you submitted my forms now? Though, the lady collected it, she said the person that signed on the copies of your certificates is no more a member of Council. So, you to make new copies and get a member of Council to sign then send them so she can swap the copies. Ok, thanks.


‘ssup? Se you know the man that signed copies of our certificates is no more a council member. What? and he went ahead to sign them. That’s not the issue now, let’s go to the liaison office and get the council member that is there to sign. What if he is not there today? At least they will give us details of another council member. Ok then, let’s go. Hey, sorry guys, he is not in town but, you can get in touch with this lady. Thank you. So, how do we do it? Let’s call the lady? Oya take my phone and call her. You you don’t want to talk to her. Whatever…… She says we should come to her office by 5.00pm today but,….. But, what? Me, i can’t leave the office early oh, se you know i came in pretty late today. Oh, that is your trademark, don’t worry, i’ll take the forms there.


Hello ma’am, you said we should meet you in your office by 5.00pm. Oh, where are you? ‘m in your office. Eyaa…….’m still on the way, you know how traffic can be? I wish i did. Will you wait or better still just drop the stuffs with anybody in the office and come back tomorrow morning to collect them. Haba, don’t you know i go to work? Ok, ma’am, thank you and have a nice evening. You too.


Please i need you to go to this office to collect some forms i dropped there yesterday. Ok. When you collect it, put the (signed & sealed) copies of my certificates in an envelope and drop it with the courier service. Call me when you drop it, so, i can call my friend to go pick it up.


Hello, ‘m in the lady’s office oh. She didn’t sign the copies of your certificates but, she did your colleagues. She said something about your forms not been there……. Ok, don’t worry, i’ll call her.


Good Aftern’n ma’am, i dropped my (& my colleague’s) stuff in your office yesterday evening. Heard you didn’t sign mine. Yes oh, your forms were not there and i don’t want them to seize (or was it suspend) my license because i am trying to help somebody oh. WHAT??? ‘cos you’re trying to help who? As a council member, thot ’twas your job to sight & sign copies of candidates certificates. Abi, what is this woman saying. Hmmm, excuse me ma’am, i have actually submitted my forms, they only told me when i got there that Lagbaja that signed copies of my certificate (after sighting the originals) is no longer a member of council. Ehen, but, Lagbaja is a member of council now. Well, that is not what i was told. But, you didn’t explain all these now………. Haba, you don’t need my forms to sight the original copies of my certificates and sign of the copies of same, comfirming you saw the originals. Anyway, no problem……‘ll sort myself out.


…just a thot, why do people always believe (or give the impression) that they are doing you a favour when, they are only doing their job?








  1. We all want our little powers to make us feel important…

  2. Probably needed oiling of the machinery! if you had dropped a little smthn she wouldnt have forgotten anything! na wa!

  3. Maybe you should have explained the situation of things to her.

    Maybe help wasnt the right word.

  4. I have no idea why pple do that…I guess so they can feel powerful…abi?
    its a stupid mentality

  5. When you force your self importance on people like that, it is often an indication that something is lacking…

    I think she just wanted you to see her in a different light… she wanted you to value her higher than her self-appraisal of her own worth. She tried to do this by forcing an impression that she was more than capable in her role…that she was always thorough in the execution of her duties. Unfortunately her actions only proved the opposite…she didn’t have a clue!

    As far as I’m concerned such people that crave unwarranted adulation because of their egos have a personality disorder…one of the narcissistic kinds.

    I hope she signed to certify your stuff jare so you can get your seal.

    p.s. TLK also responded to your reservations about the dissident

  6. haba, but you know everyone must feel important. How are things?

  7. Very good question! I guess it is the constant human need to be validated and feel important!

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  9. Power! Power! Power! its ridiculous how people try to waste your time and life just cos of the stupid position they’re in or hold… I find it very annoying… there are alot of mentally deranged people walking this earth..just cos you CAN delay me dont mean you should!! In their minds they go like *who does he think he is? nonsense* when all you have to do is point in the right direction!

    I remember when i was trying to get my transcripts sometime ago..after doing all that was necessary, greasing the right palms and all, respecting ‘whoever’ had to be respected… still had to wait weeks and in the end, i had to call a school in yankee that i had sent a transcript to much earlier to find out if they could forward it to jand, and they did..straight away!!

    By the way..hope you’ve sorted it out now, if not, make i give you one of my old oga’s number o.

  10. This is so perfect for the civil servants!!! They behave this way You will even go there and they would be busy gisting with someone and will ignore you!!! Shiooo

  11. Just checking in…

  12. It is the thirst for power. Don’t even get me started. i just told someone off in the Motor Vehicle here in NYC.

  13. u for just grease her palms
    she would have done it in a hot minute…..*wink*….

  14. power intoxicates o, but like ib suggested u for just……lolllllllll

    hope u r gud???

  15. Standtall sez to tell you that she has tagged you withthat music tag thingie…so head over to her blog for more details!



  16. lol..this is NAIJA…

    it is only in Naija things like this happen…no customer service what so ever!!!!!!!! Rubbish!

  17. dag man

    why are they sweating you about forms

    life is too short to be crying and spasing out over paperwork

    life is waaaaaaaaay too short for that

  18. na today, so little and they feel lyk so much, will probably remain little in reality and big in their own imaginations.

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