Posted by: rethots | May 15, 2008


‘ssup? Your happiness seems to have infected everybody in the office today. You want to share it. Well, what do you think? Oh, is it ‘cos there’s now a new airline that plies your Ilorin route now? Nopes, ‘m glad for that though. At least, won’t have to endure the 8-hour road journey anymore, by God’s grace. It used to be tiring. That you eventually sorted out your passport? Nope, pleased with that. So, what? Sebi, you’re the one that wants to know…, keep guessing. Oh, you finally got the letter. Funny enough, no, but, should get it today. Short of which, i don’t understand for my yahoo email again oh. What’s wrong with it? ’tis not opening again. Ha, you expecting other mails? My work is more or less virtual these days. So, what’ll you do? Well, to my friend i have text him another email to help send the letter. For the official mails…..nothing i can do (except they also copy my office email), i’ll just wait it out. Imagine, ‘m using my blogging email. 


Then what exactly is your source of happiness (that is so infecting) today? Oh, i now get it, she’ll finally agreed? You make it sound as if she disagreed before. I thot….. Think whatever you want. Ok, ok, let me help you out. ‘m in love. What??? I said ‘m in love. With who? When did this happen? So fast? Igbawo si gbawo? Haba, chill now…….does it look as if i can multi-task answers for you? Anyway, what do you mean by who? Whoelse would i be in love with? So, what’s new about that? ‘thas been common knowledge for a while now. Only that now things are much different. Ehen, how. I derive joy from expressing my love to her whom i love. You never cease to amaze me. How do you do that? Not to be shared (allow me to be selfish just this once). Tell me now. No way, infact… may not even work for you. Why you say that? ‘cos she (whom i love) thot me how. You are getting me jealous. But, ’tis true….she thot me not only how to love but also how to express it. Now, i’m finally jealous. You look so so happy. Yes oh, you know….there is this feeling of bliss you experience when you are in love and can actually express it. I can’t explain it but, when you get there you’ll understand. You look so very much content. Yes, only there’s always a lil……. What’s that? In as much as ‘m expressing my love (& loving it) to her…..i have not seen her in almost a week. What, kilode? She wants space (not to push things), ’tis killing, really wish could see her now. But, be that as it may……i still express my love to her, and i am happy with that. Don’t worry, all will be well. If only you understand how your happiness has infected everyone in the office today……



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  2. Ok, this entry put a huge smile on my face too! Your happiness has infected me. Congratulations!

  3. Love nwantiti!!!, lol!!!
    enjoy jare , u deserve it!!!


  4. Hmmm, having read sis am glad my other message on ur last post did not show up, i typed it but for wareva, d tin did not come up….in the ‘elusive’ post, i was wondering who dis love was and questioning if she was real or what as u wrote u avn’t told her to her face that u love her after ur near death experinence but reading this and learning of ‘space’ that she wants, i am only gald for you….happy taht u found love which most of us are waiting to grab…..

    abeg, keep spreading the joy oh….u’ve inspired me sef to call this recent ‘taoster’ and share some sweet nonsense…

  5. hmm.. i want to know how you are expressing this love?

  6. congrats!!!…interesting indeed….she taught you how to express your love for her…how to love her…very curious, like allied, about how you are expressing this love…happy you are happy and infecting others with it…better to be spreading love and happiness…

  7. The fact the you chose to the cause of your own experience is infectious…2 right that u are happy with that…this is a really sweet post!

  8. …the fact that you chose to be the cause of your own experience is infectious…2 right that u are happy with that…this is a really sweet post!

  9. Woah!
    I’m happy already!

  10. LOL, this is serious o!

  11. At long last…now I’m infected too

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