Posted by: rethots | May 5, 2008

…to life.

Hey ‘ssup? Fine, you?

I dey. Come; have noticed that in the last one week you’ve been much calmer watsup?

Nothing oh, just realised that life’s not a stress. That’s not even what i meant to ask. Ehen.

Yeah, i was watching you from the window this morning and i noticed it took you over 25mins to cross the road. What happened? Ha, you don’t understand. What? Do you know there’s but a thin line between life and death? What’s that to do with anything? I have seen that line before. Oya, speak in plain language. Two fridays ago, a bike hit me on top speed on this same road. Ehen! What??? ’tis a lie, i always admire the way you glided across this road and wished i could do same, how can a bike hit you? I thot i saw you that day. Yeah, you did. But, you didn’t say anything… didn’t even look hurt. No, i wasn’t hurt, except a bruise on my hip. But, i’ll tell you the great lessons i learnt from that incident (which, i think was of much more importance). What?

That i should never take things for granted and to be appreciative…. Also, that there is no perfect time but now. That’s a mouth-ful, chill, what do you mean that there’s no perfect time but now? I realised, if it had happened any other way, i might not have been able to tell her whom i love, that i did. How? I was busy looking for the perfect time. So, have you found the perfect time? I stopped looking for it; i told her, only i wished i saw her and did while looking into her eyes.

But, more importantly, i’m grateful He gave me another chance to Life, and now i seek also another chance in love.



  1. This got me thinking…and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Wow…

    “But, more importantly, i’m grateful He gave me another chance to Life, and now i seek also another chance in love…”

    The time to love is NOW.

  2. What happened? did his love die?

  3. This causes reflection. Sometimes we wait and wait not realising time goes taking along opportunity.

  4. Yup. once beaten, twice shy

  5. You’re right…there is no perfect time than now.

    He has a funny way of showing us that.

    Guess I need to get moving then. No holding back. It’s all or nothing.

  6. yeah….NOW is definately the IT time.

  7. THank God you were not seriously injured o!!
    Hope you are fine.

  8. Somethings happen that make us view life differently.

    Welcome back, and thank God you werent badly hurt.

  9. Very deep…Glad to see u still got it in you. No matter how busy we r we shud never forget to still live and love

    How r u doing??

  10. i too live under the belief that there is no better chance than NOW. and what you can do tomorrow, can and should be done TODAY.

    of course i look forward to the day where i can love again. That would be the greatest, especially seeing as how i think i am once again ready for love.

  11. there’s no time as now to do things right. when it comes to love, say it always and mean it. last thing at night too, and first thing in the morning. sorry about the touch with the bike

  12. hmmmm, Don is ready to love again

  13. This is such a great reminder; thank you.

    Will be rooting for you as you seek love…

  14. New Reader here, thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. thank God and Goodluck,

    *muaah for stopping by*

  16. sorry ’bout the bike thingie……..been a long time..where u been? now wen u say u told her but wish u had seen her and all dat ….dats where u lost me

  17. amen, amen…no time like now…did you really get hit by a bike?…sorry o!…

  18. Interesting…life is always 4 the here & now…the present is a present!

  19. The time truly is NOW

    Been quite a while

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