Posted by: rethots | March 12, 2008

Damage Control

Hey, have you seen the accountant? Nope (had formulated a system where i see her not, infact she helps deposit my cheques in my account). Go and see her. Ok. What do you want? Well, heard you guys (management) are planning a coup. Oya, come see your payslip. What happened? I won’t collect this. Ehen, ’tis people like you i’ve been waiting for to go and fight. I hear you. Onigbese, me, fight? Lailai. Gone were those days in school, we fought our battles and won the most important ones. Fight management? No way, this woman understand not that, ’tis just ’salary’ even if they doubled it, ’tis still salary. Hence, you’ll always desire more.

Have you seen her? Yeah, told her i won’t collect it. Ha, don’t do that oh, ’twill look like an affront on management. That’s a point sha. Ok, then. Hey, guess who called me. Who? Senior Associate, he wants us senior guys to fight for our ‘right’. Told him, no, that since i’ve expressed my opinion to him, i have informed management.

Any other issue? Yeah, we noticed some deductions in our salaries…. Well, we ought to have been deducting taxes et al. Blah, blah, blah…… the accountant gave us the impression she informed you guys of the deductions. Nice one, someone has to take the fall. Well, she didn’t. Hmm, we’ll look into it. Blah, blah, blah…..ok, we’ll revise the deductions so that after deductions, your take home’s still same.

Rethots, management’s calling you. Yeah. As per what happened, apparently, the accountant did not let us know the true situation of things. She gave us the impression that she had informed everyone. Naturally, someone has to take the fall. But, how come you didn’t say anything? See this man oh, what he want me to say, ”that i want not to pay tax?” Well, there was nothing to say, every other person had said it all. I need not waste my breathe. Anyway, the only problem i had was, your (management) not informing us before the deductions but, you already answered that oops, accusing the accountant. At least, she couldn’t have made deductions without management’s approval you had the impression the accountant had informed us.

Well, as you like it, as long as you thread not on my feet.



  1. I like your writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

  2. hahaha, hope you got full pay oh! How else will i rock Easter/naija with you without full pay? lol

    Absolutely hilarious, so u did learn diplomacy for school, liked the way you ‘threaded around management feet’ so they don’t rob ur story in….

    Am gud and you?

  3. But Rethots, so u silently consent to tax evasion? Hmm, foofd for thot, gimme ur work add so i can send IRA to y’all.

    Great, am 1st and 2nd……

  4. lol! yes…i heard they’d be doing the same in my office…i am not against it o, but u know naija nah, would it reflect in any of the ‘developments’ around?

  5. Wisdom is a defense. It’s human nature to want to pass the blame.

    I’ve been where you left me? lol…school is busy.

  6. Naiaj pay taxes now?

  7. @Allied
    We pay infact cut-throat amount self

    And we hope By Year 2508, we will see the dividend of the investment (taxes) we did.

    Pele dear, i feel you on this

  8. @ darkelcee, i think we have started seeing some of d dividend albeit small,

    the road constructions in victoria island and others,

    rethots me i dont know wat u are teaching us about taxes o, do u want us to run from it?


  9. Taxes…for real?

  10. Interesting posts. Wanted to say thank you for stopping by and gracing me with your wisdom. Take care.

  11. Interesting…

    Its just amazing how the tax thing is unevenly spread. some sectors get to pay so much on taxes while some people dont even feel like anything is taken from their salary (when thier Ogas have mastered the art of tax evasion/avoidance)

  12. Great and interesting way of presenting what could have been escalated and found its blame way back to u guys…

  13. Tax deductions suck but hurt less when you can see where your money goes.

    I agree with Fumosh that it’s rather unfair when you look at the inconsistency across organizations when it comes to corporate tax. I wonder how initiatives to correct this are going.

    Pele about the whole thing. At least you handled it with tact and that came across to your management i hope.

  14. Update now!

  15. like say i don neglect you ehn?…i’m sorry o!!!…so i can learn tact from you abi?…

  16. I don’t really get the full story, but I know there’s some kinda war going on.


  18. like ur site…will be here more often:-D

  19. hmmm better(i think)

  20. nice one. i dont work so i wouldnt know all these tax stuff but my mum nags bout it though.

  21. shei you know we don enter new month o!!!…come and update!!!…or do i need to send you an email?!…:0

  22. Ol’ girl, lol!

    How are you anyway? Update.


  23. I dunno if its just me oh, but I cant figure this post out – apart from the general gist of pay problems.
    Checked the comments and apparently only Oracle shares my view….

  24. lol @ Tobenna!

    My own is just for the babe to update…

  25. Hello:)

  26. its a lie o!!…so you mean this post still dares to be here, staring at me?!…rethots…come and update o!!…

  27. Just came by to say Hey!

  28. Come now and update! This post is so stale i can’t bear to comment! lol

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