Posted by: rethots | February 15, 2008

Hark Back To

At the bus stop someday on his way to work (apparently, he wasn’t in a hurry), he stood and was watching out for a bus to board (not as if there weren’t any). Many there actually were but, he said to himself, he wasn’t in a hurry. So, when there was a crowd he eased back and when there was no crowd, he decided he didn’t want just any bus or one that will mistakenly tear his pants. So, he stood back and was accessing buses as they passed. When the okay ones passed, he didn’t feel game so, he did not enter. However, when there was no crowd, the buses (no matter the category they were) always stopped to beckon, but he just did as if he didn’t know they were stopping for him. This continued for a considerable while and when he decided he was ready to go; guess what he did? He simply moved forward and took a bike.

Someone asked him why he did that? He responded that the choice was his to make. It then dawned on him that


WHY? There are so many (beautiful, intelligent) around; some have even said yes, he only needed to pop the question. Fine, some have said no (ouch!). Ok, so, what exactly is the problem? Nothing, he replied, just that he hasn’t seen her (sure thee?) who’ll arrest (oops!) his attention “… she’s gracious, she’s classy, and she’s adorable …unconventional, uncommon, she’s different …matches him word for word, thot for thot …liberal but more importantly she’s there. She doesn’t demand it as a right yet, appreciates and doesn’t refuse it when given. Oh yes, she’s sophisticated. When you see her, you will pause, then, you’ll say; “I always suspected.” You’ll doff your hat, but, more importantly you won’t forget meeting her…



  1. Hmn…., was confused at first, but finally got it. The rubicon indeed has been rossed. Have a great weekend

  2. Imagery mehn! Imagery….that’s just hard core.

    I’m feeling the guy o! Doesnt want to join the band wagon.

    This is awesome!!

  3. there is something about the way u write that makes me want to ask….are u some sorta writer?

  4. where is my comments now???

  5. LOL@some saying yes without being asked.

    Well this makes a whole lot of sense(im thinking in relationship or marriage terms) its not a decision to be rushed. Certain factors need to be considered, just like every big decision in our lives.

    Wish whoever is looking for the arrestor of his heart,all the best. lol

  6. Never rush…wait for ur “OWN”

    Loved this…lol.

  7. you never cease to amaze me with the workings of your mind and the manner in which you convey it to us…this one by far…wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    …in choosing the bike, (may i assume that the bike was always there all along?), did he *settle*, at the point when he felt he could no longer dilly-dally?…the choice was his to make, but were the options what he would have liked?…he chose the bike, but was it because of time and lack of the desired bus he would have liked or was it because he had always had the bike in mind and was checking if a *better* bus would come by?…what if the bike had not been there when he was ready to go?…what choice of his own would he have made?…

    …what if he should never meet her…although i do pray he meets her…i tell people i am looking for 80% and up…they tell me i should lower it to 65% and up…a c average?!…for where?…i said i also wasn’t in a hurry…my mom is constantly telling me that my clock is ticking…yet, 80% and up has yet to surface…and God only knows if when i decide its time, if i’ll even find 65%…

    …nice post!!…i loved it!!….

  8. wow. theres something beautiful about waiting for the right one… many may not understand, but thats the way its meant to be…


  9. which question, pray do tell?…

  10. wow,rethots all this for me,emi nikan tan,oh yes i will m… u …….. dont mind me ,really nice one

    how yah doing

  11. dude mehnn!!!!!!….

    ……i join naijababe and gu****riana in saying wow!!!….that first paragraph; we have to make into a movie or a play or a book or a song or something sha……deep!!!..hmmmm…..”he simply moved forward and took a bike”…….as in wow!

    nice one!

  12. Lol.. loved it…

    So many ways i can spin the story but i will leave it as it is..


  13. This is just awesome…beautiful

    love it


  14. Classic and well written.

    Question or prayer:

    1) I hope/pray he is special enough for THAT bus to give him a ride? (no pun intended!).

    2) Hope/pray it’s not a case of him having finally found the bus but the bus realised she’s just at a bus stop? …. or,

    3) perhaps a bus stop will suffice for him?

  15. uncle.. abeg update now

  16. I like the way your mind works! Like really! I do….Nice…

  17. haha. i thot he was a pick pocket, not knowing he is as confused as the rest of us abt these beautiful women out there

  18. Rethots, update!, I feel like solving sum riddles rite now!

  19. classic and fun discription of what goes on in most of our head…

  20. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this post! I need a man ASAP! lol one with brains though and one that can handle EBONY! 🙂 GOOD JOB RE-THOTS!

  21. Does she (ME) qualify? You bet your ‘a_s’ she does! (if you can excuse the swear word)
    Lovely post. Think i need to show my folks so they’ll understand i’m still single because i do not want ‘a bus that will tear my pants’.

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