Posted by: rethots | February 2, 2008

My Allegiance.

….ok, so as we were saying. Se you want to take the offer? Yes now, ‘tis much better moreover, won’t need to prove myself. Cool, so, now ‘tis how you are going to tell my boss, abi? Yes oh, what do you think? Hmmmm, you’ll pay me for my thots oh? Talk to me, my friend. If I was your enemy, I won’t even try it. Be serious now. Ok, ok….you’ll tell my boss that your M.D (oops, former M.D) in Lagos called you and informed you that he didn’t approve your resignation. That apparently, your Director in Ibadan could only confirm it but, the final approval lies with him. True, in a way sha. And that, while you would rather work here giving the impression that the offer’s better, which is obviously not correct…..oops, wrong, you’ve thot about it and you would like to go back if only to set the records straight. So, they won’t feel ‘cos you got a better offer another half-truth, you decided to disregard the office’s ‘fine prints’. Something like that sha. You think that’s a nice story line? Guess you have to be diplomatic et al…..’tis a pretty small industry and you don’t want to leave a bad trail along the line. You better wish me well. All the best, I envy your offer but, not your situation.

Rethots, you mean you gave him that advice, you ever worked in military intelligence or being a diplomat before? No. Why? Never mind. Let me ask you a question. Come, I’ve not read oh……I beg joSeriously, where lies your allegiance? Would have thot you’d be scheming for the guy to stay in your office? Naturally, it pays me if he stays but, he does have a much better offer and anyway, when ‘tis my friend versus my office. I choose my friend. Remember thee not what is said of friends? So, when does your allegiance lie with your office? In official matters. Ehen, even when it involves me? Com’n, when we sit on either sides of the table; my allegiance is on this side. So, what determines where your allegiance lies? Different situations…….different allegiances, but, as much as possible my allegiance lies with my friends (& family). Afterall, work is only for a while….you change jobs but, with friends, they are timeless and a good one is not so easy to find. So, when you have one (or more) keep him, for eventually as some guy said; “…of all the good treasures which in time may come our way, there will be nothing as precious as the friends we make today.”

Rethots, master confusionist……what’s this post all about? Oops, forgive my…..’tis the continuation (& conclusion) of “The Sought Bride”.



  1. no confusion o!!…na true talk be that…if more people understood allegiances and loyalty and when it is appropriate to place one over the other, we might have a better world…you touched on realism too-realizing the reality of life and what is to be valued…

    …but you did well…tis a difficult one to navigate, work and friend…and this one even included you, that it would have been better for you to convince him to stay…but you let him go…nice reveal of a small bit of your character…

    …would be interesting to see the grapple with allegiance for both the guy who is leaving and the one who questioned your allegiance…

  2. mercy i had to read the first part twice just to get the gist

    Yes i can see how one would trump the other but imagine if it is between siblings and parents.

    office vs. friend becomes a whole let less sticky in comparison to parent vs. child, or sister vs. sister.

    fun tho’

  3. I guess your friend has to take the right decision for him and you’re a good friend to be willing to give the right kinda advice!

  4. I like you advise and i would i done the same thing.

    I hold no company any allegiances cause in this day and age, they fire you without prior notice..

  5. hey rethots, I missed all your comments on my blog. Mant thanks for stopping by. I really love your blog, but I am having problems with reading the font style… I think it is ‘cos i have four eyes and it takes a while to get used to it.

  6. Yup yup…so so true!
    Nice one.

  7. allegiance, its all about know when to place one above the other really. u were able to asst ur frd becos u knew wen to be loyal andto whom……i like ur wisdom

  8. all well and good oooo……just make sure your boss never finds out ‘cos you will then find out where his own allegiances lie!!!!!…….lol!

    good luck to your friend….

  9. Definitely agree that your loyalties should lie with your friends…afterall, no be your papa’s company. Hope your friend made it through without raising any eyebrows.

  10. hehehehe…My allegiance would be to my friend o…before any kind of work abeg! If it’s to choose between friends, then I’d be stuck…

  11. Can you please update

  12. update

  13. I kinda like your advice… i guess when it comes to it our decision shows where our value lies…

  14. allegiance of oath to yourself and creator!

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